AI Now:
The Future is here

The future of digital enterprises is very much here. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of our lives, and we’re already seeing hints of it through product recommendations on ecommerce sites, movie recommendations on digital media platforms, accurate weather predictions and man-to-machine interactions. Smart enterprises are combining their manpower with artificial intelligence, because they are aware of its immense potential in improving their IT services.

Estuate has designed AI-Now to cater to the complex necessities of modern enterprises, and address the challenges CIOs and CXOs encounter during digital transformation. Estuate’s AI-Now helps enterprises build the ‘Digital Workforce’ which combines the best of people and bots into one seamless workforce to achieve improvements in speed, quality and cost of service while engaging their people in highest-value decision-making.Estuate’s AI-Now is equipped with cutting-edge technology to help enterprises:

  • Design, launch, and operate custom AI-based eBots
  • Implement advanced natural language understanding (NLU) capabilities within the enterprise IT environment
  • Empower IT workforces to minimize the total cost of ownership (TCO) in IT Services Management

The time to integrate the best of people and bots into an incredible workforce is here.

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