September 2017

GDPR: What it means for US-based companies

  • Posted on: 27 September 2017
  • By: Estuate

gdprThe General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new law that will come into effect in the European Union (EU) on the 25th of May, 2018. It’s key goal is to reinforce and unify data protection for individuals in the EU. The GDPR replaces the Data Protection Directive from 1995 and marks a major departure in many aspects.​

DevOps: Significantly improving the Build-Test-Deploy cycle

  • Posted on: 20 September 2017
  • By: Estuate


There’s been a lot of buzz around the term ‘DevOps’ lately. What is DevOps all about? And why does a business need DevOps? There’s no one definition for DevOps, because DevOps is not just one thing. For someone who’s not very technically inclined, DevOps is simply a blend of the two words, Development and Operations. But if you dig in deeper, DevOps is a wider term and unfolds several aspects.