May 2018

Top technology trends influencing Android Development

  • Posted on: 23 May 2018
  • By: Estuate


The timeline of Android development has been phenomenal over the decade. As it keeps upgrading, take a look at the top technology trends influencing Android development today.

The birth of Android was a remarkable milestone in the world of technology. Ever since it was introduced, Android has evolved significantly as a strong mobile operating system.

AI in the workplace: How to manage change?

  • Posted on: 14 May 2018
  • By: Estuate


AI is the next big thing in the workplace. But how do you manage employee fears and resistance to this huge organizational change?

Technology is turning dreams into reality. From interactive robots that take care of your daily chores to self-driven cars, all that you could only imagine a decade ago now actually exists. Artificial Intelligence is making all this and a lot more possible.