Optimize your big data with a comprehensive Master Data Management

Estuate’s Master Data Management is a one-stop-solution for effective utilization of big data.

"Estuate’s data growth solution has provided us with the capability of using tiered storage to optimize our transactional speed and to reduce our overall storage cost"

smartfoam- Mr. Arun Tiwary,

Tailored Master Data Management for all enterprises

Now store, manage and visualize enterprise data with Estuate’s 360 degree MDM solution.

Data Identification

Identifying data, collecting and segregating information based on business relevance

Master Record Generation

Storing mission-critical data from various databases and applications into a single master record

Data Synchronization

Bringing consistency in big data by eliminating duplicity and creating a standard version of data for all departments

360 Degree Visibility

Offering an end-to-end view of business data to management, partners, clients and customers

Compliance Management

Adhering to stringent regulations and compliance policies while managing voluminous data effectively

Case Studies


Estuate outsmarts data deluge at PNM


Amgen tames data explosion with Estuate

Emirates Flight Catering

Estuate manages data growth at Emirates Flight Catering

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