Krishna (GK) Guda

Chief Strategy Officer

As a Chief Strategy Officer, Krishna Guda (GK) is responsible for Estuate’s business strategy and growth in leading edge technology solutions. He offers key domain knowledge to help serve the customers in the areas of Cloud Services, Product Engineering, IT Services, Big Data, and Industry expertise. GK carries specific domain knowledge in Process Industry, Healthcare, Financial Services and Hi-Tech Manufacturing Verticals. In his vast career, he has built highly progressive software solutions in these industries to foster significant revenue growth. He served as a Senior Executive in several companies such as Hitachi Consulting, HCL, DEC/HP, and TVS Electronics. He also took on an advisory role in several small and medium size companies, providing them with growth and exit strategies. In addition to over 25 years of experience, GK has a Masters degree in Engineering Physics. He is also certified from Japanese Manufacturing Association (JMA) in manufacturing systems. He has management certifications from Stanford University Graduate School of Business.