Marc Hebert

Chief Operating Officer

Marc Hebert joined Estuate in December, 2008 as its first Chief Operating Officer.  Marc is a recognized expert on offshore outsourcing. He has appeared on CNN’s Lou Dobbs Tonight, was interviewed in Investor’s Business Daily, and has been widely quoted in major media publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Financial Times, New York Times and Boston Globe on offshore outsourcing.  He is recognized as an "IBM Champion" for his role in expanding the market for IBM's Information Lifecycle Governance product line. Prior to Estuate, he served in leadership roles at large global corporations, including as the CMO at Virtusa Corporation; EVP, Marketing and Alliances for Sierra Atlantic; and Vice President for eight years at Oracle Corporation.  Marc holds a Bachelor of Science degree in experimental psychology from Harvard University, and an MBA from Stanford University.