Attain Zero-Gap Information Governance with Estuate

Connect the gaps in your data governance framework with Estuate’s data lineage connector.

Enhance your IBM information Governance Framework

Estuate brings you the best of IBM’s information governance framework and ASG’s data lineage solution to help you achieve unified data governance and make better business decisions.

Estuate’s IGC-ASG connector is designed to help you integrate ASG’s data lineage features within your existing IGC framework. The IGC-ASG connector allows users to:


Sync ASG Data Intelligence (DI) to
your existing IBM IGC framework


Get complete visibility of data movement across the enterprise


Create, edit, and delete catalog
assets within both ASG DI and IBM


Define custom attributes and assign
stewards to maintain specific


Extend data flows and generate
lineage analysis reports in real-time

Get closer to Zero-Gap Data Governance

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