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Minimize Financial Risks with MetricStream GRC

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) brings together the management of overall governing strategies, risk mitigation, and compliance processes. The GRC program should be based on people, resources, processes, and technology required in the organization.

Archiving Structured Data for Information Lifecycle Governance and Profit

Information Lifecycle Governance (ILG) initiatives are gaining priority in large IT organizations, as companies recognize the importance of managing data through to the end of its useful life-and no longer. The business drivers for ILG range from the need to support compliance, audit and litigation efforts, to cost savings by retiring obsolete applications, to improving the performance of production applications, to more efficient disk storage management.

Stop Playing Games with Data Privacy

Gaming industry firms face unprecedented security risks, as exemplified by public data breaches in recent years. It is urgent that gaming firms protect their sensitive customer data from unauthorized access.

Put a Lid On Runaway Data Growth

Is data growth becoming the severe headache you never saw coming? Our customers tell us that the data explosion is increasing their operating costs, slowing down their applications, and making routine maintenance extremely difficult. The solution to this problem is to deploy a robust data archiving strategy built on IBM Optim, the best-in-class platform from IBM.