ARRIS Powers Up Peoplesoft CRM with Estuate Data Archiving Solution

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         :  ARRIS Group, Inc

Industry       :  Telecommunication

Practice Area  :  Information Lifecycle Governance & Security


ARRIS Group is a global innovator in IP, video and broadband technology. It has continually worked with customers to transform the experience of entertainment and communications for millions of people around the world. The people of ARRIS are dedicated to the success of their customers, bringing a passion for invention that has fueled its history. They created digital TV, delivered the first wireless broadband gateway and are pioneering the standards and pathways for tomorrow's personalized, Ultra HD, multiscreen, and cloud services.

Business Challenge:

ARRIS depended on Peoplesoft CRM to run its daily operations and for processing customer interactions efficiently. Therefore, the volume of data generated in the application was growing at a rapid clip. This growth was causing problems - data entry screens became less responsive; reports took longer to run; transactions took longer to create; upgrading application version became more complicated.  Therefore, ARRIS could not maintain application service levels while keeping costs under control.

ARRIS needed a proven data archiving governance strategy, one that managed the lifecycle of data from its creation to its retirement to effectively control this expanding data growth within the Peoplesoft CRM application.

The Estuate Solution:

Estuate’s solution addressed the data growth problem at the source by managing application data in Peoplesoft CRM. The solution enabled the ARRIS to archive historical transaction records, storing them more securely and cost effectively while maintaining universal access. The solution:

  • Moved old and infrequently used data to the archive repository using the IBM Optim Archive Solution.
  • Replaced the existing archiving process with an automated process enabled by Optim.
  • Provided a utility to restore data on-demand to the data warehouse, to ensure that requests for historical data could be easily fulfilled.

Business Impact:

Efficient database archiving improved application performance and reduced the overall cost and time of PeopleSoft upgrade process. Key benefits include:

  • Effective policies for full-lifecycle enterprise data management to control data growth and lowered storage costs, resulting in a 17.5 GB in data size.
  • Enabled adherence to data retention policies and improved ability to respond to audit and e-discovery requests.
  • Enabled a unified view of data across live transactional data and archived historical data.
  • Increased system performance, reduced downtime, and improved overall manageability of the Peoplesoft application.

        ARRIS had reached a point where the business users were not able to make full use of our PeopleSoft implementation, while IT was struggling with manual archiving processes, application performance issues, and storage and CPU costs. Routine tasks such as backups, maintenance, and responding to audit requests were taking multiple days to finish. Thanks to Estuate, these issues are now beyond us, and we look forward to making the most our mission-critical Peoplesoft CRM application.

Thomas Daugharty,
Director of ERP Infrastructure,
ARRIS Group Inc.