Custom Development of Procurement and Pricing System for World’s Largest Winery

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         :  E.&J. Gallo Winery

Industry       :  Food and Beverage

Practice Area  :  Product Engineering Services


Gallo’s IT Division has multiple Database instances running on various operation systems, including Unix, Linux and Windows web Logic servers. The Grape Management System (“GMS”) was initiated to replace the existing systems which were implemented in the early nineties. The Grape Management System (“GMS”) to be developed using Commodity Procurement System (CPS) Web Developer and harnesses the power of AJAX.

The Grape Management System (“GMS”) was initiated to replace the existing two systems which were implemented in the early nineties.

  • Grape Management System (GMS) to maintain the Commodity Procurement System (CPS) for grapes.
  • It provides the current and historical yield data, deliveries, estimates , contracts and payments for the commodity grapes.
  • It helps in maintaining contractual terms for growers including complex pricing parameters like calculate and document payment for all grapes and related products received, processed or sold by the winery.
  • It is also used to provide reports for business use & regulatory agencies.

The Opportunity:

  • The major shift in technology resulted in software designers employing a myriad of design methodologies, all on the same software system.
  • Emerging technologies such as modeling languages and tools, programming languages, development environments, design patterns, and design strategies to interoperate with old legacy systems designed with older design methodologies.

The Estuate Solution:

With deep understanding of the technology-driven aspect of the project, Estuate to provide an effective and successful software design

  • The GMS to be conducted in two phases and developed using CPS Web Developer, a web based development environment , enabling rapid development and maintenance of interactive web forms and provides tools to create, enhance, and deploy robust user experiences.
  • The CPS web developer to manage web screens within individual XML Documents called web modules.
  • The modules contain all of the components that will create data-driven web pages including SQL statements, web service details, XSL style sheets and java scripts.
  • The web developer to harnesses the power of AJAX – that is, Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. The AJAX to be used to provide the end users with a data-rich experience by controlling events and messages.

Business Impact:

  • Significant cost savings due to reduced training time and rapid development process.
  • Allowing customer to have the competitive edge over their competitors with design and deployment of cutting edge technologies.