Dramatic Reduction and Simplification of Test Data at Alere

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   :  Alere, Inc

Industry  :  Healthcare



Alere Health is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Inverness Medical Innovations, Inc. It is a medical diagnostic company and one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of rapid diagnostic tests for infectious diseases in the world. In addition to infectious diseases, Alere has business units that focus on professional diagnostics, cardiology, toxicology, diabetes, oncology, women's health, and health management.

Estuate was consulted for implementation of IBM Optim Test Data Management and Data Privacy Solutions at Alere. The requirement was to create training/test/demo environments for Alere applications and achieve considerable savings in database size compared to database cloning techniques. In addition, Estuate was also assigned responsibility of masking sensitive data from these applications so that only desensitized data was exposed for testing to vendor teams.

The Opportunity:

  • Test environment creation time and resource use drove the need for more effective test data management (TDM)
  • Test environment backup and refresh effort was too high
  • Testers require quick test environment creation for specific, small amounts of data
  • There was also a need to reduce storage cost and administrative effort to manage non-production systems

The Estuate Solution:

  • Implement Optim Data Privacy and Test Data Management for 3 Alere applications
  • Analyze the three Alere applications with significant automation and scripting to build data models
  • Develop Optim Access Definitions, testing and bug fixing
  • Truncate tables in the target environment and load full scan tables as per the Access Definitions
  • Load data from one test case into the target environment, and load data from all relevant test cases
  • Transfer knowledge to Alere team
  • Deliver project documentation and training

Business Impact:

  • Implemented Optim Data Privacy to de-sensitize critical information
  • CorConnect training environment was reduced from 288 GB to 42 GB
  • Optim Test Data Management was implemented for complex applications, TRAX and PCMS, involving 14 databases each
  • We documented three of Alere’s complex data structures