Emirates Flight Catering Curbs Runaway Data Growth With Estuate Solution

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         :  Emirates Flight Catering

Industry       :  Utilities

Practice Area  :  Information Lifecycle Governance & Security



Emirates Flight Catering is an in-flight catering service based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which provides catering and support services for Emirates Airline and all other airlines based out of the Dubai International Airport. It is a subsidiary of The Emirates Group, and directly employs over 8,000 staff operating from the Emirates Flight Catering Centre, with a capacity of over 115,000 meals daily.

The company provides over 50 million meals per year. Currently, the daily average catering uplift is 145,000 meals to 360 flights. 

Business Challenge:

Emirates Flight Catering’s JD Edwards application was running into problems with high, growing data volumes, resulting in significant performance degradation. The organization was adding 40 GB of production data every month, and this was expected to rise to 60 GB in the near future. Emirates Flight Catering needed to add infrastructure--storage and CPU--to accommodate data growth while meeting the performance demands of business users.  Moreover, the application was becoming increasingly hard to maintain and upgrade.

The Estuate Solution:

​Estuate developed a solution to extract and archive little-used historical JD Edwards data from production environments and store that data in secure, compressed archive files or an archive database. The solution:

  • Segregates inactive application data from current activity and safely moves it to a secure archive.
  • Preserves the business context of the archived data, even for complex data relationships.
  • Supports intelligent indexing, providing an accurate and fast way to identify archived data for easy retrieval.
  • Provides a selective restore capability that allows a narrow set of data to be retrieved from the archive on demand.
  • Supports multiple databases and operating platforms, including federated access and cross-database interoperability.
  • Supports audit and discovery requests with application independent access to archives.

Business Impact:

Estuate’s solution helped Emirates Flight Catering improve application performance and reduce storage costs while addressing information lifecycle management (ILM) and compliance requirements for the data associated with these applications. Key benefits include:

  • ​Reduced database maintenance time, reduce​d the downtime for application upgrades and shortened​ batch process windows to increase application and database availability.
  • ​Deferred capacity upgrades and the associated expensive hardware and software license fees.​
  • Reduced storage costs without impacting the ability access archived data on demand.
  • Reduced disaster recovery time by keeping only business-critical data in production databases.
  • Maintained acceptable service levels with minimized production database searches and improved response time.

        Estuate’s data growth solution has provided us with the capability of using tiered storage to optimize our transactional speed and to reduce our overall storage cost. All of this while providing us with seamless access to both live and archived data. End users can browse and restore archived data transparently from within an application using familiar menus. This level of integration requires little or no end-user training or database administrator (DBA) involvement. The Optim skills that Estuate has, in my opinion, is second to none. They brought a great functional skillset as well as technical skills during rollout and production.

Mr. Arun Tiwary,