Estuate Brings Lavante’s Vendor Management to ERP Systems

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         :  LAVANTE, Inc

Industry       :  Hi-Tech

Practice Area  :  Product Engineering Services



Lavante is the leading provider of cloud-based supplier information management solutions (SIM™) for Fortune 1000 Companies. Their mission is to connect businesses with their suppliers and provide value to both by automating and improving the quality, accuracy and cost effectiveness of business interactions. For businesses their software and services help drive dollars to the bottom-line by ensuring quality of supplier data and automation of supplier on-boarding and ongoing management, including burdensome tax and compliance requirements. For suppliers, they simplify the process of delivering value to clients and improve customer satisfaction, the ability to win new accounts, and profit.

Business Challenge:

Lavante’s Supplier Information Management system (SIM™) needed to facilitate a seamless collaboration between the Lavante SIM™ and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)systems such as Oracle and SAP. Lavante’s Fortune 1000 customers using these products were challenged with the ongoing burden of manually on-boarding new suppliers, which was costly and time consuming. They needed an integration with Oracle and SAP ERP products to enable real-time or batch-loaded data exchange from Lavante SIM™.

The Estuate Solution:

The Estuate’s solution helped the Lavanate’s SIM™ product streamline the onboarding process and dynamically clean up the vendor master file to ensure fast supplier on-boarding and an always up-to-date supplier list.
This solution:

  • Automated and accelerated supplier on-boarding processes.
  • Streamlined and simplified data collection by providing the real time access to up-to-date supplier information.
  • Ensured the real-time or batch-loaded data exchange between Lavante SIM™ and the Enterprise Resource Planning Systems involving SAP and the Oracle-based ERP systems.
  • Enabled customers to automatically collect accurate vendor data and seamlessly pass a required subset to the ERP facilitating transactions and strategic finance projects such as check-to-ACH conversion.

Business Impact:

The Estuate solution helped the Lavante SIM™ customers manage their supplier related information and performance better, ensuring accurate supplier data, compliance with regulations and controls, which in turn saved time, resources, and money. Additional benefits included:

  • Faster supplier on-boarding through automation, eliminating slow or error-prone manual processes.
  • Greater resource efficiency and vendor master inventory management, resulting in shorter lead times.
  • Real-time access to accurate data about suppliers enabling faster decision-making.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and productivity.
  • Automated payment processing by leveraging electronic check & ACH processing.

        Lavante now integrates seamlessly with the Oracle and SAP family of enterprise resource management systems ensuring accurate supplier data, compliance with regulations and controls, which in turn saves time, resources, and money. This integration requires an in-depth understanding of the complex business processes that are critical to company operations and subject to strict regulations, and Estuate’s expertise in this area was invaluable to us. Estuate’s solution exceeded our wildest expectations.

Vinay Ambekar
Senior Vice President, Engineering.