Estuate Helps Reduce Data Footprint and Manage More Data with Less Infrastructure

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         :  Global Cruise Brand

Industry       :  Travel, Transportation and Hospitality

Practice Area  :  Information Lifecycle Governance & Security



The client is an award-winning global cruise brand with a 45-year legacy of innovation and introducing industry “firsts” never before seen at sea.  The cruise line features an expansive and unmatched array of features and amenities, jaw-dropping, Broadway-style entertainment and industry-acclaimed programming that appeals to families and adventurous vacationers alike. Onboard, guests are catered to with the cruise line’s world-renowned friendly and engaging Gold Anchor Service by every staff and crew member. Client has been voted “Best Cruise Line Overall” for 12 consecutive years in the Travel Weekly Readers Choice Awards. The cruise line sails 23 of the world’s most innovative cruise ships to the most popular destinations in Bermuda and the Caribbean, Europe, Canada and New England, Alaska, South America, Asia, and Australia and New Zealand.

Business Challenge:

The client’s business-critical applications handled essential information for transaction processing and timely decision making. But exponential data growth was hampering the timely completion of critical business activities, keeping the organization from meeting its service-level agreements (SLAs). Additionally, the client was compelled to reduce costs and adhere to increased regulatory burdens.

The client needed to address the following challenges related compliance/risk, application efficiency and user productivity:


  • Comply with regulations
  • Minimize exposure to risks created by holding on to historical data
  • Minimize legal penalties and brand damage
  • Support data discovery and retrieval related to litigation

Application efficiency:

  • Reduce the overall cost of storage
  • Reduce resources required for backup & recovery
  • Improve server performance
  • Reduce the need for manual administration

User productivity:

  • Improve application performance and availability
  • Reduce time to search for and access historical/enterprise data

The Estuate Solution:

To achieve its goals, Estuate and IBM joined to deliver IBM® InfoSphere® Optim™ Archiving solution to align the client’s continuous application data growth with their business objectives to reduce risk and control costs. The solution:

  • Streamlined data warehouses to reclaim capacity and help improve application efficiency and availability.
  • Provided access to the client’s historical business data to make decisions, run reports, respond to customer inquiries, and audit or make e-discovery requests.
  • Eliminated exposure to unintended data loss
  • Enabled faster response to requests for information and legal/government inquiries
  • Supported retention compliance, governance and recovery initiatives

Business Impact:

Estuate’s solution helped the client intelligently improve service levels, reduce costs and manage risks. The solution:

  • Reduced hardware, storage and maintenance costs by archiving historical data from mission-critical systems.
  • Improved optimal application performance by controlling ongoing database and data warehouse growth.
  • Supported data retention regulations and archive, manage, retain and dispose of application data according to business policies.
  • Significantly improved response times on audit and discovery requests.

        We were investing millions of dollars each year in maintaining and upgrading business critical applications that relied on complex databases. These databases collected vast amount of data. As a consequence, overloaded databases degraded performance and were limiting the availability. Estuate’s database archiving solution allowed for archiving and removing rarely accessed data and storing it on a variety of storage mediums while providing easy access, a critical requirement of most data retention legislation. Automating the data archiving process made production systems run better, use less resources, and reduce overall storage costs.