Gen Next Sets Up for Subscription Success with Zuora and Estuate

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         :  Gen Next

Industry       :  Civic & Social Organization

Practice Area  :  Enterprise Applications Integration



GenNext is an invitation-only organization of successful individuals dedicated to learning about and becoming engaged with the most pressing challenges facing future generations. With the collective influence of its national network of members, Gen Next aims to ensure anyone can achieve success by expanding the opportunities that await them.

Business Challenge:

Gen Next had a recurring revenue business model, but found that its homegrown billing solution could not keep up with it. It only had basic capabilities to overcome inadvertent payment failures, thereby hindering customer retention. It also made global expansion difficult, especially as it related to supporting new payment methods and currencies, and managing VAT and other regional taxes.  Gen Next needed robust analytics to get a real-time perspective into its operations, and the ability to rapidly add new products and services to the core offering.

GenNext was looking for a solution that addressed all their recurring billing challenges in an easy and cost-effective manner. They needed a solution to

  • Reduce errors and simplify invoicing.
  • Get real time subscription analytics and dashboards.
  • Reduce churn and automate customer management.

The Estuate Solution:

Gen Next chose Zuora  because of their deep support for all must-have features, together with its expertise with consumer focused subscription billing. Estuate delivered a solution based on Zuora’s 9 Keys to Subscription Success framework.

Pricing: Estuate worked closely with the Gen Next to set up the product rate plans, starting with basic pricing tiers, and helped adjust them as the implementation progressed. Estuate did onsite design workshops to better understand Gen Next’s offerings and model them in Zuora’s language.

Acquire: Gen Next’s acquired customers through a B2B channel. Estuate helped set up the Zuora for Salesforce managed packages in Salesforce and deliver a solution that provided 360-degree visibility into subscriber activity, an out-of-the-box application to quote for new subscriptions, upgrades and renewals.

Bill: Estuate helped Gen Next configure their billing operations by suggesting best practices around Zuora billing capabilities and usage upload API consulting.

Collect: Estuate worked towards setting up collections and payments that worked best for Gen Next and optimize their payment collection framework with suitable configurations and customizations through the payment gateway. Estuate also helped them configure their refund categorization framework for better refund management.

Nurture: Gen Next offered anytime upgrades and downgrades/cancellation through their B2B channel. Estuate’s solution handled amendments and provided best practice solutions.

Account: Estuate configured Zuora’s advanced features to work seamlessly with the finance management system. Estuate also helped Gen Next streamline their accounting-close process and maintain compliance.

Measure: Estuate built automated custom reports to measure customer success in real-time. These reports helped Gen Next make accurate and timely decisions, leveraging key metrics from bookings through revenue recognition.

Iterate: Estuate provided best practices to rapidly iterate on pricing models to maximize subscriber acquisition and market share and scale with the growing business.

Scale: With Estuate’s solution, Gen Next was able to seamlessly integrate Zuora with their commerce systems, payment gateways and other technology systems to match with their high growth.

Business Impact:

Estuate implemented Zuora and configured it to match the company’s preferred processes. Gen Next realized a clear financial payback through improved billing, better visibility to sales data and metrics, increased finance staff efficiency. The solution:

  • Helped realize higher recurring revenues while saving time on recurring billing processes.
  • Helped with seamless data transition between different systems to manage product pricing/offerings, acquire, billing and payments, nurture accounts and subscriptions.
  • Helped seamlessly create/amend/renew/cancel subscriptions even as the business grew.
  • Provided options to identify opportunities for upsells and add-ons. This accelerated deals to close early and scale up the business even faster.
  • Streamlined billing processes to recognize recurring revenue, giving management real-time insight into subscription growth.
  • Reduced billing frustration for customers while also saving staff time with efficient billing processes.

        We chose Zuora because we needed to consolidate billing systems and implement a cloud-based billing platform that would give us the flexibility to scale, streamline our billing and improve our customer service. We found in Estuate, a partner with deep expertise in Zuora that we could count on for advice and support to help us establish a new, modern billing platform that could grow with our business. We could not be more pleased with the results that they delivered.

Olga Zemlyanaya
Gen Next.