Healthcare Giant Controls Application Sprawl with Estuate

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Industry       :  Healthcare

Practice Area  :  Information Lifecycle Governance & Security

About the Client:

The client provides a broad portfolio of essential renal and hospital products, including home, acute and in-center dialysis, sterile IV solutions, infusion systems and devices, parenteral nutrition, biosurgery products and anesthetics, and pharmacy automation, software and services. The company’s global footprint and the critical nature of its products and services play a key role in expanding access to healthcare in emerging and developed countries. The client’s 50,000 employees worldwide are building upon the company’s rich heritage of medical breakthroughs to advance the next generation of healthcare innovations that enable patient care.

Business Challenge:

The client had acquired many companies as part of its growth strategy, and inherited numerous outdated applications through these acquisitions. Twenty-five legacy systems, including PeopleSoft and Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), needed to be maintained, consuming valuable IT resources and budget. Many of these systems were no longer used in core business activities, but critical data in these systems were needed to be maintained. This large investment in maintaining old systems prevented the client from being responsive to new business requirements.  Maintaining legacy data in a variety of disconnected, legacy technologies also resulted in significant legal and regulatory compliance risks.  The client also needed ongoing access to legacy data, eliminating the application and databases.

The client had recently divested a business line and needed to retire applications built on incompatible legacy technologies with old, unsupported versions. Maintaining these systems  required technical skills or application knowledge that were no longer available, and exposed the client to liability due to non-compliance with data retention policies.

The Estuate Solution:

IBM GBS, along with business partner Estuate, worked with the client to automate the process of retiring obsolete applications by archiving the vital data using IBM Optim Archive Solution. The Solution allowed the client to reassign costly IT resources and ensured integrity of all the data archived. This was a very specialized project that also involved deploying best practices in a complex customer environment. The solution:

  • Archived historical transaction records and important related context from mission-critical database applications.
  • Relocated unused application data to secure and lower-cost storage medium.
  • Enabled rapid responses to requests for archived data through report templates defined by the project team.
  • Retired 5 legacy applications and archived the data from decommissioned applications into an immutable Optim archive file.
  • Enabled ongoing, application-independent access to the data for query and reporting.
  • Ensured that compliance requirements were met by preserving data in a read-only format while supporting data visualization through standard reporting tools.

Business Impact:

Effective implementation of the Optim Archive and Retirement Solution helped the client enhance application service levels, mitigate risks, and control costs, thus adding a great value to the business. Some of the key impacts are as highlighted below:

  • Reduced the cost of storage by decreasing the amount of data on expensive Tier 1 disks.
  • Increased IT operational efficiencies with streamlined maintenance processes.
  • Mitigated risk by reducing the amount of data exposed to potential breaches.
  • Ensured regulatory compliance with complete enforcement of data retention and disposition policies.

Due to the success of the initial project, the client has engaged Estuate to complete the retirement and archival of data for the remaining legacy systems.

        Estuate’s solution gave us total control over our data. We gained significant efficiencies by having both historical and new data available to support ongoing business processes and to fulfill regulatory and compliance requirements. The Estuate team was the best - highly professional, empathetic, highly-skilled, and is now the only vendor now authorized to do Optim work for us.

IBM GBS Project Manager.