IBM InfoSphere Data Discovery Implementation

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         :  Tessera Technologies Inc

Industry       :  Hitech

Practice Area  :  ILGS



Tessera Technologies Inc., a Silicon Valley company, specializes in one of today’s hottest technology areas: extreme miniaturization. The company includes technologies in the precision optics space for smart phones and other hardware, including image enhancement, actuators, auto focus, digital zoom and related optical technology.

Through rapid growth by acquisition and investment, Tessera found itself with 23 separate business applications, 135 SQL Server database instances, 281 databases, and 3 data centers, resulted in data redundancy and administrative complexity. They wanted a single entity to take ownership of a project documenting all of its applications and the data relationships among them. Estuate’s deep experience with discovery efforts across a wide range of environments, applications, and tools developed a coherent management strategy for the whole collection.

The Opportunity:

  • No corporate-wide knowledge of data models, no documentation for complex, file-based interapplication integrations and no single point of contact for a global team
  • Retire, consolidate, reduce data redundancy, and address the challenge of developing some coherent management strategy for the whole collection.

The Estuate Solution:

  • “Discovery project” using IBM InfoSphere Discovery to analyze data relationships in 3 key application groups
  • Gathered and centralized information using both automated and manual tools and scripts to centralize information about all the applications and databases
  • Deployed InfoSphere Discovery, examining integration code, comparing application schemas, and interviewing key Tessera personnel to uncover the data relationships among Tessera’s multiple systems.

Business Impact:

Delivered a fully documented application universe with:

  • Diagrammed connections among all applications, and individually for each individual application and its connections to the rest of the Tessera enterprise.
  • Identified relationships between data, location of redundant data, documented relationship between database keys.
  • Servers used by integration code to manage data transport between applications
  • Key personnel linked to their applications and databases.
  • Systems-of-record and redundant data that could be safely retired.
  • Searchable documents that allowed Tessera to quickly find and understand any of its inter-application relationships, and empowering them to move intelligently forward planning for their future.
  • Dramatically impacted Tessera’s understanding of its business, its ability to serve its customers, and maintain its competitive edge