Implementation of Hyperion Reporting and Analytical System

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         :  E.&J. Gallo Winery

Industry       :  Food and Beverage

Practice Area  :  Big Data and Business Intelligence Services


E.&J. Gallo is the world’s leading wine maker and distributor. With over 60 leading brands of wines and spirits and operations in over 60 countries across multiple continents, E.&J. Gallo is critically dependent on up to date sales and distribution intelligence.

Estuate was consulted for implementation of Hyperion Reporting and Analytical System to provide near real-time analysis for a geographically distributed workforce. Gallo was interested in a solution that not only addressed their business needs, but also adhered to industry standards and latest versions of the technology stack.

The Opportunity:

  • As a fast growing company, Gallo wanted to make sure that the system scaled to thousands of users
  • Gallo was also interested in taking advantage of advanced customization, personalization, portal integration, LDAP integration and making the system self-serve for users

The Estuate Solution:

The CIO’s office wanted a solution within the fiscal year demanding a tight project timeline. In consultation with Estuate, Gallo selected Oracle Hyperion Reporting and Analytical suite ( for their purpose.

  • Estuate followed corporate standards for various technology components and the Hyperion deployment coincided with a PC refresh that was being rolled out
  • Interactive Reporting was chosen to report on information from the corporate data warehouse
  • The Estuate team worked diligently with a cross functional team to deliver customized reports to a large number of uses
  • Estuate migrated customized reports without rework
  • Integrated Hyperion suite with corporate LDAP and wrote custom code enabling single sign-on (SSO)

Business Impact:

  • Strong project sponsorship within Gallo helped expedite the project and adjust scope where necessary
  • The Hyperion Reporting and Analysis project that usually requires 6 to 8 weeks was completed in 4 weeks, and under budget
  • Estuate and Gallo working collaboratively resulted in robust reporting and analysis to analyze corporate data from multiple sources in a near real-time