Integra LifeSciences Streamlines Data Management With Estuate Solution

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         :  Integra LifeSciences

Industry       :  Healthcare

Practice Area  :  Information Lifecycle Governance & Security 



Integra LifeSciences, a world leader in medical technology, is dedicated to limiting uncertainty for surgeons, so they can concentrate on providing the best patient care. Integra offers innovative solutions in orthopedic extremity surgery, neurosurgery, and reconstructive and general surgery.

Integra's orthopedic products include devices and implants for foot and ankle, hand and wrist, shoulder and elbow, tendon and peripheral nerve protection and repair, and wound repair. Integra is a leader in neurosurgery, offering a broad portfolio of implants, devices, instruments and systems used in neurosurgery, neuromonitoring, neurotrauma, and related critical care. In the United States, Integra is a leading provider of surgical instruments to hospitals, surgery centers and alternate care sites, including physician and dental offices.

Founded in 1989 Integra is headquartered in Plainsboro, New Jersey and has over 3,300 employees worldwide.

Business Challenge:

The client’s business was split into two companies, separating its spine division from other products and services. The split of the company was part of a radical restructuring plan, and triggered a need to evaluate their application portfolio to weigh the costs and benefits of each application, in order to decide which applications should be retired, replaced or remain unchanged.

As a part the process, the client decided to retires its ROSS Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system while retaining access to the historical data. However, removing data from their ERP system was complex and risky. The client needed to access historical business data to make decisions, run reports on Cognos, respond to customer inquiries, and audit or make e-discovery requests. Federal healthcare and financial statutes including the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) of 2002 required strict archiving and ediscovery procedures. The client needed to archive data while accounting for legal and compliance considerations.

The Estuate Solution:

The Estuate’s InfoSphere Optim data lifecycle management solutions made the ROSS ERP application data archival and consolidation project easy and riskless. The solution provided the capability to archive data while allowing for ongoing access to the data for query and reporting. The solution:

  • Enabled the retirement of the Finance and Manufacturing instances of ROSS ERP system.
  • Archived 45 GB of data into two archive files - one for the Finance module and another for the Manufacturing module.
  • Provided open access to archived data via Cognos to generate audit reports to respond to any audit queries related to ROSS ERP finance and manufacturing data.

Business Impact:

The client achieved tangible benefits by decommissioning the technologically obsolete ROSS ERP application while allowing access to the data.  The solution:

  • Delivered 100% improvement in IBM Cognos reporting performance by archiving 45 GB data from Integra LifeSciences ROSS ERP system.
  • Reduced hardware, storage and maintenance costs by archiving historical data from mission critical ROSS ERP system.
  • Improved optimal application performance by controlling ongoing database and data warehouse growth.
  • Supported data retention regulations and the archival, management, retention and disposal of application data according to corporate data management policies.
  • Enabled rapid response to audit and discovery requests with universal, referentially intact access to archived information.

        We at Integra LifeSciences needed to eliminate outdated applications and consolidate resources to improve efficiency in operations, reduce costs and meet compliance needs. Using Estuate and IBM's InfoSphere Optim solution, we were able to hit these objectives by consolidating data to a standard archive repository and using standardized reporting tools like IBM Cognos. Our reporting performance is much better than before, and, we are able to query data elements and rebuild to replicate audit requests we had previously received from regulatory authorities. Estuate’s solution has laid an excellent foundation to support our growing business, now and in the future.

Viral Thakker,
Global Applications Development Manager,
Integra LifeSciences.