Major Retailer Tames Data Explosion With Estuate Solution

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         :  Retailer

Industry       :  Retail

Practice Area :  Information Lifecycle Governance & Security



The client is comprised of the Specialty Retail Stores division - which includes the stores and the Direct Marketing division. These renowned retailers offer upscale apparel, accessories, jewelry, beauty and decorative home products to the affluent consumer. The Company operates 41 stores across the United States and two stores in Manhattan. The Company also operates thirty Last Call clearance centers. These store operations total more than 6 million gross square feet. The client primarily offers women's apparel, accessories and home furnishings.

Business Challenge:

The client utilizes Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Core HR and Incentive Compensation modules in three distinct environments--Development, UAT and Production. Oracle EBS R12 was running into problems with high, growing data volumes, leading to substantial performance degradation.

In addition, these large, growing instances required additional DBA administration, and made it difficult to keep up with updates, patches and upgrades. The explosion of data led to increasing operating costs, slower-running applications, and made even routine maintenance activities a challenge. Furthermore, it was becoming difficult to comply with its corporate data retention policy. The client not only needed a solution for their immediate requirements, but also a long-term strategy to get rid of the data growth challenges with respect to compliance, resources and maintaining business continuity.

The Estuate Solution:

Estuate’s archiving solution leverages the IBM InfoSphere Optim Archive Solution, and enables the client to manage this data growth efficiently while giving business users easy access to archived data on demand. The solution automated data retention to aid compliance initiatives and enabled rapid and automated responses to audit and discovery requests. It also applied functional condition checks while sustaining referential integrity in the database, and ensured that every archived transaction record represented a complete historical reference snapshot of the business activity. The solution:

  • Segregates inactive application data from current activity and safely moved it to a secure archive.
  • Delivers out-of-the box archiving templates for Oracle EBS R12 Core HR and Incentive Compensation modules.
  • Preserves the business context of the archived data, even for complex data relationships.
  • Supports intelligent indexing, providing an accurate and fast way to identify archived data for easy retrieval.
  • Provides a selective restore capability that allows a narrow set of data to be retrieved from the archive on demand.
  • Ensures audit and discovery requests with application independent access to archives.

Business Impact:

Estuate’s solution helped the client improve application performance and reduce storage costs while addressing information lifecycle management (ILM) and compliance requirements for the data associated with Oracle R12 modules. By adopting a proven approach for archiving historical data, the client efficiently archived application data, keeping the historical data accessible while supporting ongoing archiving and compliance requirements. The solution:

  • ​​Reduced database maintenance time, reduce​d​ the downtime for application upgrades and shortened​ batch process windows to increase application and database availability.
  • ​​Deferred​ capacity upgrades and the associated expensive hardware and software license fees.​​
  • Reduced storage costs without impacting the ability access archived data on demand.
  • Reduced disaster recovery time by keeping only business-critical data in production databases.
  • Maintained acceptable service levels with minimized production database searches and improved response time.
  • Helped comply with data retention policies and audit requirements.

        Estuate solved our data explosion problem. We now have the ability to utilize tiered storage to enhance our transactional speed and reduce our overall storage cost while delivering seamless access to both active and archived data. End users now have an intuitive front end to access archived data without depending on IT. Estuate’s data management skills and the professionalism and skill of its consultants is on par with the best in the world.

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