Migration from SQL Server to HP Vertica for Reporting & Analytics

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         :  Leading Hi-Tech Company

Industry       :  Hi-Tech

Practice Area  :  Business Intelligence


A leading Hi Tech company wanted real time analytics and reporting for their various internal and external users. Estuate developed an approach utilizing the power of HP’s MPP Database - Vertica and the self service business intelligence capabilities of Qlikview 

The Opportunity:

  • Periodic Extraction of data from Support databases
  • Migrate data from SAP CRM , Oracle and SQl Server System to new data warehouse
  • Combine and match SAP CRM and Sales force data
  • Provide analytics and reporting
  • Provide accurate data to end users

The Estuate Solution:

  • Recommend HP Vertica
  • Understand data relationship from various sources
  • Migrate data from all existing data sources to HP Vertica
  • Utilize Qlikview for its self-service Business Intelligence capabilities
  • Integrate HP Vertica to Qlikview for Reporting & Analytics
  • Solution Approach - Stage 1:
    • Document project requirements
    • Technology assessment: Understand hardware and software infrastructure
    • Understand data relationship from various sources
    • Analyze data required for various Analytical Reports
    • Recommend HP Vertica implementation architecture & Schema Design
  • Solution Approach - Stage 2
    • Implement best practices around data extraction and loading from various sources to HP Vertica
    • Develop all the required data extraction scripts
    • Complete Integration tests
    • Finalize User Acceptance criteria
    • Help in User Acceptance test
    • Go live
  • Maintenance and support
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    Business Impact:

    • End users able to generate real time reports and analytics with no involvement from IT – Self Service
    • Lightning fast results due to the powerful but extremely scalable HP Vertica database
    • Estuate’s delivery model significantly reduced cost and compressed the timeline with an effective 16+ hour workday.
    • Estuate’s extreme service philosophy ensured customer satisfaction