Mississippi Department of Employment Security Safeguards Sensitive Data with Estuate Solution

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Industry       :  Government

Practice Area  :  Information Lifecycle Governance & Security

About the Client:

The goal of the Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES) is to help Mississippians get jobs.  Through their network of WIN Job Centers, MDES matches qualified, prospective employees with employers. Also at the Job Centers, Mississippians can obtain job training to sharpen their work skills and make themselves more competitive in the job market.

In addition, MDES administers the unemployment benefits program that provides payments to Mississippians who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own.  This temporary compensation enables unemployed individuals to concentrate on securing new jobs.

Through these programs, MDES works to expand employment, improve workforce skills, and enhance productivity in the state.

Business Challenge:

MDES uses IBM DB2 to store data in its Production, Development and Test environments.  As it moves data from Production to the other environments, it must protect the privacy of sensitive data. To this end, MDES needed to:

  • Identify the data that needed to be secured
  • Define where this data is stored
  • Apply data privacy and security best practices to protect the data
  • Define steps to prevent data breaches, and remedial action in the event of a breach

Data privacy and compliance, therefore, had become the highest concern, and was subject to stringent statutory requirements. To meet these regulations, MDES needed an information security solution to protect data and support compliance with regulatory standards, and departmental data policies.  MDES selected IBM Optim Data Privacy Solution as the tool of choice, and Estuate as the implementation partner.

The Estuate Solution:

Estuate implemented the IBM Optim Data Privacy Solution at MDES to mask sensitive data in their test and development systems. By masking personal information, IBM Optim protects the privacy and security of confidential customer and employee data, and ensured compliance with local, state, national, international, and industry-based privacy regulations. The solution:

  • Identified sensitive data across MDES environments to develop the best protection strategy.
  • Safeguards both structured and unstructured sensitive data allowing business data to be shared only with authorized users.
  • Applies data masking in non-production environments to provide high quality test data.
  • Provides continuous, real-time insights to database activity and automated compliance controls.
  • Assesses vulnerabilities and assured compliance with regulations and audits both internally and externally.

Business Impact:

The solution helped the MDES improve data protection, supports compliance initiatives and lowers risk. Key benefits:

  • Improved departmental security readiness and posture.
  • Enhanced security processes while minimizing risks.
  • Reduced the costs and overhead associated with ensuring security.
  • Adopted international standards, regulations, best practices and controls.

        We at Mississippi Department of Employment Security emphasize the significance of the environment where personal information is valued. We needed an approach to comply with the privacy principles that are embedded within governance, leadership, business processes and systems. Data protection was so critical for us that we were responsible for keeping it safe. We depended on Estuate to handle this complex data privacy requirement.Their focus on delivering a customized service experience was critical to the outcome. Estuate made the conversation of data security and privacy very simple!.

Mohammad Jalaluddin,
Director of the Office of Technology Development and Innovation,
Mississippi Department of Employment Security