Integration to Oracle E-Business Suite Financial Module

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Industry  :  Hi-Tech


Background: is the worldwide leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) services. Sales Force Automation (SFA) application gives businesses a closed loop marketing application empowers customers to manage multi-channel campaigns and provide up-to-date messaging to sales. Lead hand-off is automated to ensure that no opportunity is missed. Real-time analytics and reporting give marketers the tools to evaluate results and adjust campaigns to maximize them. 

Estuate was consulted to create center of excellence for integrations for sales activities. A connector was designed with extensibility and plug ability in mind, was built on open standards using J2EE, XML and web services and would function within the standard operating environment of Oracle e-Business Suite 11i. As an out-of-the-box, end-to-end integration solution, the Connector will include pre-built packaged integration processes for the most common integration points between Salesforce and Oracle e-Business Suite 11i, such as Account / Customer Master which are the important modules in Sales activities.

The Opportunity:

  • Transfer “Customer” and related information to from Oracle E-Business Suite.
  • When a “Prospect” becomes “Customer”, transfer the information from to Oracle E-Business Suite.
  • Enable real-time view of massive amounts of data transferred between Salesforce and Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Extend integration support to companies of all sizes implementing the integration

The Estuate Solution:

  • Design and development of reliable and customized integration solution to support different version combinations
  • Leverage extensibility on Oracle E-Business Suite built-in functionality and applications
  • Identify the necessary supported API or Interface table from Oracle E-Business Suite 11i and use them for the integration
  • Integration from one to many applications achieved with the HUB/Spoke method allowing Salesforce to have a single version of the truth that is up to date and also averts data fragmentation

Business Impact:

  • Built Salesforce connector to allow data to be synchronized and shared between the and Oracle e-Business suite 11i ERP applications
  • Information transfer achieved in fraction of seconds
  • Mechanism put in place to notify user in case of integration errors
  • Extensive and Scalable Integration.
  • Development of complete interactive training materials
  • Integration is quick and cost-effective since the solution is built using JAVA, XML and SOAP there is no new infrastructure needed


APEX, Oracle e-Business Suite 11i, J2EE, XML and web services