Travel Major Conquers Data Growth Problem With Estuate

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         :  Online Travel Booking Site

Industry       :  Travel, Transportation and Hospitality

Practice Area  :  Information Lifecycle Governance & Security



The client is an online travel booking site that gives leisure travelers multiple ways to save on their hotel rooms, airline tickets, rental cars, vacation packages and cruises. In addition to getting compelling published prices, travelers can take advantage of the client’s famous services, which can deliver the lowest prices available, or where travelers can take advantage of hotel discounts without bidding. The client provides online travel services in over 180 countries, employs over 5000 staff. The client has been growing rapidly - its mobile travel bookings alone grew 160% in 2013.

Business Challenge:

Oracle® E-Business Suite, a business-critical ERP application represented an ongoing corporate investment by the client. This application empowers new business initiatives, supports daily operations and drives revenue generation. The application also collects and accumulates a wealth of business information – a valuable asset to the client’s business - that must be managed and preserved throughout its lifecycle.

As the company grew, the data collected within Oracle EBS was growing by 2-3 million records per day, with orders worth $100K and more on travel-related purchases, such as airline tickets and hotel stays. Business growth, data retention requirements and the data multiplier effect resulted in a complex data landscape characterized by massive data volume within the Oracle EBS application and its modules.

There was a need to:

  • Reduce the size of the production database to allow database maintenance activities to fit within daily windows.
  • Meet performance Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to achieve the timely completion of key business processes for mission-critical applications.
  • Control application data growth while continuing to meet legal and audit compliance requirements.

The Estuate Solution:

​The Estuate helped the client realize benefits of a full-lifecycle data management strategy for their Oracle E-Business Suite. The solution focuses on managing archives and retention periods cost-effectively and consistently over the full lifespan of the client’s business data. The solution:

  • Uses Optim Data Growth for Oracle EBS to reduce the size of the production database.  
  • Targeted key modules such as Oracle General Ledger (GL), Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Subledger Accounting (XLA), Trading Community Architecture (TCA) and Payments modules for archiving historical data by applying business rules and criteria.
  • Established effective policies for full-lifecycle enterprise data management to control data growth and lower storage costs.
  • Included customizations to the Payments module and General Ledger (GL) of the Oracle Application Framework (OAF) pages effectively for Native Application Access (NAA), using the substitution method.
  • Improved Oracle Forms response time by using advanced tuning tips on each form view query for Native Application Access (NAA).
  • Aligned application performance and service levels to achieve the timely completion of key business processes for mission-critical applications.
  • Supported data retention compliance initiatives and mitigate risk for audits and e-discovery requests.
  • Implemented scalable archiving strategies that easily adapted to the client's ongoing business requirements.
  • Improved the management of application upgrades to eliminate costly downtime.
  • Provided access to the current and the historical data from within the application GUI.

Business Impact:

Estuate’s enterprise data management and database archiving capabilities delivered benefits that supported the client’s IT and business objectives. The solution:

  • Aligned Oracle E-business Suite performance to business processes to improve performance and availability.
  • Simplified database administration to ensure business continuity and speed up disaster recovery.
  • Streamlined application and database upgrades, and reduced resource requirements for key IT operations.
  • Automated data retention to support compliance initiatives and respond quickly and accurately to audit and e-discovery requests.
  • Leveraged existing investments in applications, databases and storage to eliminate IT budget variances.

        Estuate’s solution allowed us to reduce our production footprint, control data growth and improve our monthly general ledger closing cycle. Seamless access to archived and current data allowed end users to access their relocated data using tools that they were already using. Estuate’s professionals not only solved our immediate problem on hand, but also helped us implement a robust data management strategy.

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