XML/XSL Data Integration

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         :  Remedy Informatics

Industry       :  Health Care + Life Sciences

Practice Area  :  Product Engineering Services


Remedy Informatics Inc. is a growing company in the bio-technology and medical information arena. Remedy’s products address the need of researchers for data capture and analytics, helping to discover patterns in patient, clinic, and disease data as well as more specialized data pertaining to specific sub-fields in bio-medical research.

One of Remedy’s products, Comprehensive BMT (Bone Marrow Transplant), stores data relating to marrow donors, including donor, recipient, marrow, blood chemistry, clinical results, and other pertinent information related to both clinical and research arenas. The Comprehensive BMT product is both an information repository and an analytic tool helping researchers to find patterns in their data. Estuate was hired to build a comprehensive and broad integration.

The Opportunity:

  • Weak integration between Comprehensive BMT and AGNIS (A Growing Network Information System)
  • Comprehensive BMT supplies dozens of web-based “forms” pertaining to bone marrow research, but its integration to AGNIS supported a single form

The Estuate Solution:

  • Both Comprehensive BMT and AGNIS products’ form-sets were expressed as XML for retrieval.
  • Creation of two Java-based “transformers” and a set of XSLT (Extensible Style Language Translation) objects representing the forms supported by AGNIS and Comprehensive BMT.
  • For each action (submission and retrieval), data was extracted from the originating product’s XML output, and passed to the proper XSLT object for writing back to the corresponding XML format supported by the receiving system.
  • In only one month, Estuate created the Java transformers and XSL transformation objects for several dozen forms, giving Remedy the tools and knowledge needed for further integration.
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Business Impact:

  • Extended the competitiveness and marketability of Remedy Comprehensive BMT product.
  • Enabled Remedy customers to have access to a much wider array of data from AGNIS
  • Empowered customers of both Comprehensive BMT and AGNIS to contribute far more data to the growing pool of research and clinical information surrounding bone marrow transplants.
  • Enhanced value to the research and clinical communities of not only Remedy’s Comprehensive BMT product, but also to Remedy’s customers who use it!