Standard Insurance Company Safeguards Sensitive Data with IBM Optim

Full masking of all applications performed in two days using IBM Optim Solutions

Learn how Estuates Optim Data Masking Solution helps an insurance company privatizes its customers' personally- identifiable information (PII) stored in its test systems to avoid the risk of security breach and the risk of high potential losses. Read on to learn how with Estuate's customized approach, the company completed masking of a wide range of applications throughout the enterprise, with repeatable, efficient processes.

Highlights Of The Case Study IBM Data Masking Include:

  •  How data masking protects the security of customer PII, eliminating the risk of costly data breaches, while maintaining the contextual meaning of data for test purposes
  •  Reduction in test data by 90%, a significant cost savings and data storage savings
  •  How Estuate utilizes IBM Optim to mask all data sources and bolster data security and functionality.
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