Big Data and Business Intelligence Services

Get a holistic view of your data - regardless of format or source - and draw actionable insights with comprehensive, scalable big data infrastructure that management and executives can rely on to make data-driven decisions in real time.

Data Discovery/Ingestion/Enrichment :

Data Visualization :

Estuate’s Big Data solutions - Tailored to your Industry and Business needs

In today’s information-intensive business climate, very large amounts of data are generated everyday by most organizations. This data is, by nature, voluminous, often unstructured and growing exponentially—we now call it Big Data. Making sense of such data, and making effective decisions with it in reasonable timeframes, will become a critical competence in many businesses. When used effectively, Big Data can provide answers to questions the organization may not have even thought to ask.

Estuate has a strong understanding of open source and proprietary Big Data products and technologies such as InfiniteGraph, Hadoop, OpenStack, Hyperscale Cloud, and NoSQL (Mongo) delivering solutions, as well as IBM BigInsights and HP Vertica. We have a dedicated Big Data practice staffed by trained, expert consultants with hands on expertise. We provide our customers with tailored solutions to help them migrate off their current data store, or implement Big Data from the ground up. Our experts also have experience with all the industry leading databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, MYSQL, DB2, and leading DW products such as Neteeza, Teradata, Exadata and many more. Our consultants are experts in performance tuning, and have inside knowledge of all the tweaks required to ensure Big Data is finely tuned for the utmost performance.

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Estuate offers full-system audits and ongoing support for Big Data. Our audit covers design, memory management, cluster configuration, data schema design, network topology, resource management, monitoring, backup, load balancing and other areas.

Our trained Big Data support team members are located in the U.S. and India, to provide our customers phone & chat 24/7 support. Our team leverages the latest server hardware and storage devices to implement, integrate and test Big Data. Our lab is equipped to conduct POCs, demos, training and development work.

Estuate has core competence and experience in Big Data analytics. We specialize in helping companies take advantage of Big Data in day-to-day operations and strategic analysis. With our in-house expertise and our Hadoop platform lab, we help you create Big Data solutions tailored to your industry and business requirements, and fine-tune those solutions over time.

Estuate’s approach to leveraging Big Data

  • Take each client’s unique requirements to build a Big Data adoption roadmap and an architectural model
  • Identify areas where Big Data tools can make maximum impact with minimum investment
  • Compare/Contrast various Big Data solutions and their advantages/disadvantages to solving Big Data business challenges (bake off).
  • Deploy a fully-distributed Big Data configuration,with a cluster containing multiple nodes and initializing client data on the cluster
  • Write customized software to convert and store data then analyze that data
  • Build user interfaces for presentation of data to clients using dashboards and other techniques

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Business Intelligence Services

Estuate’s Business Intelligence Implementation Services cover various aspects of business intelligence (BI), data management, reporting and analytics for structured and unstructured data. Our Business Intelligence Services are designed to help customers to create reliable, useful information required to meet company goals.

A wide range of useful BI tools is available today. Our industry experience, understanding of changing industry trends combined with our proven track record helps our customers pick the right tools to convert their vision into reality. Ourproven track record focuses on implementation of various data warehousing solutions—OLAP, MOLAP and OLTP.

Our business intelligence services include :

  • Analytics and reporting strategy, architecture and implementation
  • Data warehouse, data mining design and development
  • Report factory using our offshore development center
  • Web-based dashboard and portal development and deployment
  • Mobile or tablet-based business intelligence solutions
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Data Discovery, Ingestion and Enrichment :

Before Data is ingested into the Big Data Databases, Data Discovery/profiling and Data Quality checks are critical.

Estuate offers the following services in this area.

i) Data Discovery/Profiling
ii) Data Quality Check and Preparation
iii) Data Ingestion
iv) Data Enrichment and Metadata Layering.

Data Visualization :

Data visualization correlates to any effort to help understand the significance of data by putting it in a visual context and providing powerful game-changing insights. Patterns, trends and correlations that might go undetected in text based data can be exposed and recognized easier with data visualization tools and techniques.  Effective visualization of organization’s data is critical to making informed business decisions that impact revenue growth and increase customer loyalty.

Estuate offers the following Data visualization services to its valuable customers.

  • Source Data Analysis
  • Key Process Indicator (KPI) Development
  • Scorecards Design and Development
  • Dashboard Design and Development
  • User Adoption and Deployment


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