Oracle Exadata Database Machine – Reduce Cost of your System

Oracle Exadata Database Machine provides access to a range of functions that integrate the usefulness of data warehousing and online transaction processing applications into one system. Its suite of features combines to increase the processing speed and reduce the costs of your systems by minimizing used disk space, improving data processing, and enhancing the backup process.

Upgrading to a new Exadata database can be a complicated, drawn out process. Estuate is here to help with the knowledge and expertise to streamline the implementation of your upgrade and expand upon its capabilities with further applications.

How can Estuate help with your Oracle Exadata Database upgrade and needs?

  • We are equipped with an optimal mix of Oracle technology and management consultants with deep domain knowledge and backed by tactical Oracle partnerships.
  • Our years of experience and customer satisfaction provide proof of the quality and reliability of our work
  • Study and documentation of your current database to ensure proper preparation for the upgrade while focusing on your priorities
  • Fast and efficient data transfer from current database to Exadata
  • Database adjustment for maximum performance
  • Product Engineering Services specific to your requirements.
  • Transparent projects to allow you complete access to our processes at all times.
  • Training in all database functions and management procedures for smooth post-upgrade operation
  • Migration of various applications and technology to Exadata Database Machine
  • Integration of various applications
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Customer Success Stories

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