The Estuate Big Insights Challenge

Real Insights. Be Blown Away. Or Walk Away.

  • Do you rely on BI to get insights that your managers can use to make critical business decisions?
  • Are your managers clamoring for real-time data that let them make timely business decisions?
  • Are you struggling with budget and time overruns with your BI initiatives?
  • Is IT the bottleneck that is preventing your business from having the insights that your managers need to do their job?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, we have a solution for you.

Think that is impossible?  Take us up on our word.  Take the ESTUATE BIG INSIGHTS CHALLENGE.  

What Will You Get?

One dashboard with ten insights using REAL data from YOUR environment.  IN ONE DAY.

What Will It Cost?

Zero.  We will build the prototype at no cost to you.  You will be blown away, or you can walk away.

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