The huge problem current Organizations face with unstructured data is, they have little awareness of the volume, composition, risk and business value of their unstructured data.

Organizations might be able to store a nearly infinite amount of unstructured data, but there is no point if they can’t extract any intelligence from it.

Unstructured data growth is rapidly outpacing structured data and is poorly controlled, stored and managed on file shares, on personal devices and in the cloud - Gartner

Businesses should be able to query this valuable data to answer critical business questions.

Who is the best person in the company to ask about a strategic customer’s history?

What is in all of this unstructured data?

When was the last time certain departments generated or accessed it, and how did they use it?

Where does the data reside?

Why are we storing certain data, and is it relevant to strategic or compliance objectives?

Estuate has been helping organizations to find answers to the 5 W’s mentioned above. We have been resolving customer’s problems around unstructured data with a combination of industry specific tools like IBM StoredIQ, actiance.

We help our customers by building intelligence over unstructured data in their organizations and managing the unstructured data thereby reduce cost and maintenance of this data across file servers, personal computers, mail servers, share point etc.

How does StoredIQ resolve the huge Unstructured Data problem?

StoredIQ enables organizations to gain complete visibility and control over unstructured data wherever it lives in the organization to meet their eDiscovery, Records management, Governance, Compliance and Storage requirements.

StoredIQ indexes the unstructured data in place at large scale using its own connectors and helps customers perform the analysis in depth and take appropriate action on it.


  • Govern-in-Place – Don’t move data just figure out what it is.
  • Connect to the data and filter it at multiple level until a decision can be made to act on the data
  • Identify the content that has value to the different stakeholders of the business and act on it appropriately
  • Identify the content that has negative value to the business  and delete it or move it
  • Identify the sensitive data and move it to more secured location

Use Cases that are solved by StoredIQ:

Intelligent eDiscovery
Advanced visualizations help organizations in discovering the

  • Different types of data that is stored across the enterprise
  • Discover where your oldest or least used data resides
  • Intelligent overlays to spot potential compliance issues

Enables Organizations to practice proactive audit, investigation or disclosure and discovery readiness.

Data Clean-up
Helps eliminate data ROT (Redundant, Obsolete, Trivial) – Increase signal to noise ratio in data set

  • Data that costs more to store than it provides value to the organization
  • Temp file, Audio Files, Files that are older than 5 years

Compliance Audit
Customers can identify the data that contains things like credit card numbers, social security card numbers, or customer information that should either be deleted or moved to a more secure environment.

Records Retention
Identification of data with StoredIQ provided intelligence that no longer serves a business purpose, but may turn up and need to be reviewed for a legal matter, especially if it belongs to a serial litigant. Set up the retention period for the data in place thereby dispose the records past their retention periods, dispose of legal collections when cases end.

StoredIQ Technology and Architecture

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