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Governance, Risk and Compliance

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) brings together the management of overall governing strategies, risk mitigation, and compliance processes. The GRC program should be based on people, resources, processes, and technology required in the organization. For successful results, a single framework of the GRC program should be used across all areas of the organization that:

  • Includes a database containing all the regulatory requirements.
  • Incorporates regulatory compliance software on the cloud enabling users to decide and select the right regulatory process for the organization.
  • Creates a centralized repository for policies and procedures which ensures ease of accessing documents, sharing information, and managing version control.
  • Combines data between multiple departments, including business, IT, security, compliance, and auditing. Data retention is also accounted for as a metric in GRC.
  • Helps reduce duplication of activities.
  • Increases the system performance and effectiveness.
  • Automates the tasks which provides the ability to repeat the processes in a consistent manner.
  • Presents relevant reports to the board and senior management.
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MetricStream: The Global Leader in GRC

MetricStream's market-leading enterprise and cloud Apps for GRC enable organizations to strengthen risk management, regulatory compliance, vendor governance, and quality management while driving business performance.  The MetricStream GRC Journey methodology integrates GRC technologies and programs across business, IT, and security functions.

MetricStream provides:

  • A centralized system to manage and share the organizational policies and procedures.  The solution provides a library containing built-in policy contents and exception processes which can be used to configure the customer requirements.
  • The centralized framework and automated workflow for the risk management process.  It also provides reporting functionality to address any IT risks based on corporate objectives.
  • A centralized framework and environment to manage all IT related compliance requirements.  The solution can be used to test controls for multiple regulations and frameworks simultaneously.
  • A consistent and repeatable threat and vulnerability management process.  It also compiles large data to generate reports to address any threat and vulnerability issues.
  • A common system to record and share all the IT audits and assessment data and processes.
  • Functionality to detect and record the IT incidents, loss events, investigations, diagnosis, remediation, or corrective actions.  The solution is centralized thus enhancing the communication capabilities across departments.
  • A streamlined process to manage, monitor, and evaluate vendors for compliance purposes.  Also provides reporting capabilities for assessment by management.

Estuate’s GRC solutions - Tailored to your Industry and Business needs

Estuate GRC practice includes both business domain and technology experts that deliver a unique combination that is essential for successful GRC program in an organization. Our experience working with the customers, and our deep domain knowledge have allowed us to develop solutions that help companies meet regulatory compliance requirements, automate GRC processes, and fully leverage the capability of the GRC technology solution.

The range of compliance advisory and implementation services span across regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, FDA, PCI-DSS compliance, BS 7799, Federal Identity compliance, NERC compliance to best practice implementation approach like Information Security (ISO 27001), IT Governance (COBIT), Enterprise Risk Management implementation (COSO) etc.

Estuate’s GRC data warehousing and business intelligence solution

Estuate can develop an integrated data framework with custom built GRC data warehouse and business intelligence solutions. This allows high value data from any number of existing GRC applications to be collated and analyzed.  The aggregation of GRC data using this approach adds significant benefit in the early identification of risk and business process (and business control) improvement.

Further benefits to this approach include (i) it allows existing, specialist and high value applications to continue without impact (ii) organizations can manage an easier transition into an integrated GRC approach because the initial change is only adding to the reporting layer and (iii) it provides a real-time ability to compare and contrast data value across systems that previously had no common data scheme.

The Estuate Advantage

Estuate is the #1 global partner of MetricStream.  Our unmatched expertise combined with a customer-first approach of extreme service delivers 100% success on your GRC initiatives.

  • Estuate delivers out-of-box solutions that allow organizations to implement a best in class enterprise governance, risk & compliance program.
  • Estuate provides knowledge and experience from working with many customers. The Estuate GRC consultants leverage their deep domain and vertical compliance expertise yielding superior competency in specific areas of GRC, as well as, how to best to leverage technology to automate GRC processes.
  • Estuate proprietary IP content includes predefined process libraries, controls and risk registers for specific compliance and risk management requirements. The Estuate compliance content significantly increases the customer's ROI on GRC investments.
  • Estuate compliance best practices provide organizations a world-class GRC compliance program framework. Customers benefit from a well-defined implementation maturity model roadmap; designed in creating a common, scalable compliance platform for every regulatory and policy driven initiative.
  • Estuate helps embed sound GRC practice into all lines of business and core business processes, enabling business owners and managers the ability to more effectively manage their compliance initiatives.
  • Reduced TCO by offering GRC in managed services model.

Estuate provides GRC solution for specific needs to the following industries.

  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Consumer Product Goods
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Food and Beverage
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences
  • Medical Devices
  • Oil and Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Airlines
  • Government
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