Software Product Development

We approach every project as a unique opportunity to provide clients with world-class Product Engineering Services utilizing the best technologies available. Software companies rely on us to design, build and test their software products using their own development standards and best practices. Similarly, large IT organizations rely on us for their product development needs.

We approach each project with a multi-stage perspective, with each step progressing to a deployed solution. Our custom software product development methodology is a comprehensive, proven process that leverages our experience and analytical skills to truly meet your unique goals.

The major steps in our custom software product development methodology follow :

Requirements and Analysis :
Our custom software product development approach begins with requirements and analysis, drawing out our client’s business needs in detail to ensure a clear understanding of the business objectives, existing assets, target architecture and environment, and project timing. This forms the basis for all future project phases. During this stage, key contacts and roles for both companies are established.

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Setting application requirements and business goals is the critical objective of the requirements and analysis stage. We deliver a strategy and analysis document, which becomes the foundation for development activities.

Software Architecture :
The architecture underlying a software application is an abstract representation of the system. This stage is concerned with making sure the application’s structure supports the application requirements, as well as ensuring that future requirements can be supported. In this stage we also address interfaces between the application and other client applications, as well as the underlying hardware and operating environment.

Detailed Design :
The purpose of detailed design stage is to define the technical specifications for the new application to meet the business requirements. During this stage, project team members create detailed business process documentation, define application modules and prepare high level test plans.

Development :
In this stage, we code and test all custom application functions, including application extensions, data conversions and interfaces. When all the code units are complete and unit tested, we perform business system testing to validate that the application as a whole meets business requirements. We typically conduct system testing as a formal conference room pilot with end user involvement; we validate the configuration of the new system in an environment that closely resembles production.

Documentation :
An important but often overlooked task is documenting the application design and code for the purpose of future maintenance and enhancement. Documentation is especially important for external interfaces.

Testing and Deployment :
Next, we perform final detailed testing before deploying the system. Black box and white box testing, including testing of documentation, help to minimize post-deployment issues. We utilize various tools and techniques for automated testing and performance testing to ensure the system is ready for production.

Maintenance and Enhancement :
Custom Software Management for maintaining and enhancing software to address application issues or new requirements can take far more time than initial application development. Our approach, designing the right architecture and using the latest technology to build the and test the application, ensures that the application can be maintained efficiently and can accommodate new features and business functions with a minimum amount of redesign and code development.

We often provide ongoing application maintenance and develop new enhancements for the applications we build for our clients. We use our integrated onsite/offshore delivery model to provide cost-effective application management. Our application modernization and enhancement services ensure that ongoing investments increase the value of the application as an appreciating asset over time.

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