Estuate hosts a dedicated Zuora Center of Excellence in our state-of-the-art labs, which means that you hit the ground running. Our broad range of services from consulting to implementation to operationalization means you have a one-stop partner for all your subscription business needs. In addition to Zuora implementations and integration with Salesforce, Estuate offers the following out-of-box solutions for Zuora customers:

Estuate: Zuora’s #1 Implementation and Solution Partner

With nearly 100 implementations completed or in progress, Estuate is Zuora’s #1 implementation partner.  Our consultants and subject matter experts (SMEs) are Zuora product and business process experts, which means that they can set up your lead-to-cash workflow faster and better than anyone else.  Our broad organization-level relationships with key Zuora experts lets you get the best out of your Zuora implementation and accelerate your success in the subscription economy.

Estuate hosts a dedicated Zuora Center of Excellence in our state-of-the-art labs, which means that you hit the ground running.  Our broad range of services--from consulting to implementation to operationalization--means you have a one-stop partner for all your subscription business needs.  Estuate consistently receives 8+ on customer satisfaction surveys, among the highest scores recorded across Zuora partners.

In addition to Zuora implementations and integration with Salesforce:

  • Custom web portals with Zuora integration
  • Integration with PayPal
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) between Zuora Web Store and your content/marketing portals
  • Dashboards featuring combined data from Zuora and Salesforce
  • Docusign Integration
  • Landing Page customization
  • Plugin to accept ACH payment in Z-Quotes

100+ Successful Go-lives

Estuate has successfully delivered to customers spanning many industries, including Medical, Hi-Tech, Security, Storage, and Content Management.  Our key service offerings include Zuora platform configuration and customization, integration with Salesforce, migration of legacy customer and subscription information, PCI-compliant credit card migration processes, Web-store integrations, Web-portal development and Salesforce customizations.

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Zuora Solution Certified Solution Architects

Estuate’s Zuora certified solution architects are an extension to the Zuora Global Services team. During Zuora implementations, our solution architects engage with several key business stakeholders including C-Level executives, Operations, Sales, Finance and Product management to on-board them on the Zuora platform. The solution architects play a key role in finalizing business requirements, design and configurations tailored to fit the customer’s business use cases, thereby driving implementations to a successful go-live.

The Estuate Advantage

With Estuate, you get:

  • Best-in-class Zuora expertise
  • Extensive knowledge of lead-to-cash business processes
  • Rapid implementations
  • Packaged solutions for common business needs
  • Most made-to-order portal delivered in eight weeks*
  • Flexible delivery process, global delivery team
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Estuate’s Zuora Offerings:

Zuora Business Solutions

With the advent of cloud based applications and services, many products and services are moving to the subscription model and thereby their billing and accounting models will have to undergo a quantum shift that is not supported by traditional billing and accounting systems. Estuate has deep knowledge of how businesses operate in a subscription business model across multiple vertical industries, from financial services, to retail & high tech. Our experienced consultants help businesses move to a subscription model, or optimize their current revenue streams, supporting unique needs.

  • Z-Payments
  • Z-Finance
  • Z-Quotes
  • Z-Revenue
  • Z-Reporting
  • Z-Commerce
  • Z-Billing
  • Zuora certified business consultants
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Salesforce Configurations

Our cross-functional team of Salesforce Developers and Zuora Solution Consultants has implemented Zuora and Salesforce based on customer requirements. We design project plans, functional and technical design specifications and implement customizations (using REST and SOAP API’s) to the Zuora/Salesforce workflow.

  • Implementation of Salesforce Managed Package Configurations
  • Profile Based Configurations
  • Product Catalog & Pricing
  • Discounts, Overage Charge Models
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Estuate Solution: Custom Web Portals

Estuate has built multiple custom web portals to integrate web storefronts with Zuora billing on the backend. Estuate has deep experience in integrating Zuora APIs with existing content and marketing portals or in building standalone storefronts for Zuora product catalog and billing. Our versatile solutions in this area enable fast-time-to-market, outstanding customer experience and flexible custom workflows.  We offer self-service portals targeted at end customers and sales reps.

Key features include:

  • Self-service Client Portal
    • Complete with built-in authentication for returning customers
    • Subscription creation and sign-up for new customers
    • Subscription modification and cancellation support
  • Sales Rep Portal
    • Out-of-the-box workflows for sales rep-driven sign-up process
    • Support for creation, modification or cancellation of subscriptions, including payment methods
    • Integration with Zuora and (optionally) Salesforce

Estuate Solution: Paypal Integration

Estuate’s PayPal Integration enables you to easily implement PayPal as a payment option for your customer shopping cart.  This solution makes it easier for your customers to work with you at scale, reduce shopping cart abandonment, and easily roll out customized marketing campaigns.

Key features of the Estuate PayPal Integration Solution include:

  • Support for multiple web front-end frameworks
  • Support for multiple payment methods
  • Support for common business flows, including acceptance of terms and conditions, and creation of billing agreements.
  • Support for one-time and recurring payments, including customizable payment schedules.
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Estuate Solution: Single Sign On (SSO) Integration

Increasingly the trend is towards using different platforms for different parts of your web portal. Your content marketing may be on Hubspot, your web-applications may be on multiple, distinct clouds different from your Zuora storefront for your subscriptions. Estuate provides a closely-knit SSO solution with the Zuora Storefront which integrates with your existing identity provider (idP) solutions (OKTA or similar) and provides seamless authentication with your other web-applications.

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Estuate Solution: Subscription Analytics - Dashboards from Zuora/Salesforce

Estuate’s Subscription Analytics dashboards offering enables you to pull the data from Zuora and Salesforce and combine them to present the analytical insights in a state of the art analytical front end.

A few analytical insights include

  • Summaries of accounts, subscriptions, invoices and payments by status
  • Accounts by Create Date, Sales rep and geography
  • Accounts by Invoice Amount, Invoice Payment, Invoice Balance
  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)
  • Churn and Renewals
  • Projections, Bookings and Cancellations
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Zuora analytics dashboards are designed using the Zuora API’s exposed for Data extraction and reporting purposes.

The dashboards have been designed keeping in mind customer requirements to have access to quick and intuitive statistics about their subscription business and adding intelligence while presenting this information through graphical representations.

Some of this intuitive dashboards are illustrated below -

Monthly Recurring Revenue and Total Contract Value Dashboards

In a subscription economy, the recurring revenue forms the core of the business. Customers would like to have access to an intuitive and quick way of understanding how their subscription business is performing through the new billing systems

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The Customer Churn and Customer Count Reports

Companies are entering the subscription model of business more so, to increase their end customer bases and thereby their revenues.

A very useful report in this regard can be the customer churn and the customer count reports over different periods. Although these reports are available in Zuora, these dashboards gives greater flexibility and ease to configure the reports that best suits the company's requirements

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Subscriptions Reporting - By Status

The foundation of a subscription economy is in changing the traditional way of doing business from “what products they sell” to  “how to sell these products

In this regard the subscriptions’ reports is another useful dashboard that gives a graphical representation of the subscriptions during various time periods.

The Zuora analytics dashboards provides a number of other useful dashboards that are easily customizable and lets customers choose the parameters that is most relevant to their business. These dashboards also demonstrate a number of useful reports in billings, payments and revenue modules of Zuora.

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PCI-Compliant Credit Card Data Migration

Estuate has helped customers with PCI compliant credit card migrations from legacy billing platforms to Zuora. Credit card data migration is executed on very secure PCI compliant servers with strong encryption/decryption protocols.  High-volume transactions from customers' active accounts and subscription information is mapped to Zuora format with support from the Estuate team by following an iterative approach. This data is then migrated into Zuora using upload automation tools.  Data migration is expedited through the use of template-based mapping, data transformation and automation tools.

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Estuate Solution: Docusign Integration

Estuate has developed out-of-the-box integrations with Docusign that enables the sales rep to send out a quote to the customer and receive an electronically signed document back.  Not only is this easier than paper- or email-based communication, it also makes the rep more productive and makes it easier to track the status.  The digitally-signed quote is then automatically attached to the opportunity in Salesforce.  The solution has been designed from the ground up with usability in mind, with one-click quote generation and sending.  The solution comes with a step-by-step guide which it makes it simple and easy to train/educate the sales team on using Docusign in the quoting process

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Estuate Solution: Landing Page Customization

Estuate’s landing page allows you to quickly build pages to capture credit card information or ACH information on a secure webpage hosted on the customer environment.  This eliminates the need for manual data capture over phone or email.

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Estuate Solution: Plugin to Accept ACH Payment in Z-Quotes

Zuora’s Z-Quotes managed package in Salesforce provides an out-of-the-box option for sales representatives to capture the customer’s credit card information while creating quotes though Hosted Payment Pages (HPM). Estuate has developed a plugin to capture ACH payment methods for customers who would want either of these electronic payment methods to be captured. Depending on the type of payment method agreed with customer and entered in quotes, this plugin renders Zuora’s Hosted Payment Pages for either Credit Card or ACH in Salesforce. This plugin can also be easily leveraged for Direct Debit payments as well.

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Estuate Solution: Reseller Portal

Estuate has built multiple custom web portals to integrate web storefronts with Zuora billing on the backend.One new development in this area was building a Reseller driven portal, which allows resellers to bring in new customers and bill them via Zuora .Estuate’s deep understanding of Zuora billing engine and API’s were the key ingredients to the success of this project.

Key features of this portal include :-

  • Support for creating, updating or cancelling subscriptions
  • Deactivating a Zuora Billing Account via the portal
  • Make use of Invoice owner functionality of Zuora
  • Retrieving an existing  billing account information from Zuora
  • Associating Parent -Child relationships in Zuora
  • Sending email notifications to End users upon disabling a Reseller

Estuate Solution/Plugin: Quote Rules Engine Plug-in for auto calculation of support fee based x%

Estuate has leveraged Zuora’s Quote Rules Engine to implement a customer requirement to auto calculate support fee of a software license based on x% of total charges and add-ons within the subscription. This provides sales reps the ability to auto calculate the charge amount based on % which is not currently supported by Zuora apart from Discount Percentage model. This plug-in also provides validations to check if salesrep has added this rate plan into the quote and to check if the charge amount value is not equal to $0.

Estuate Solution: Zuora - Hybris Integration

Hybris a rich and complex UI platform is used by many customer as an e-commerce application, whereas, Zuora is a enterprise billing software that is modeled on a subscription economy. This platform combines billing operations, finance and e-commerces in one product.

This integration will let us avail the UI rich hassle free components of Hybris and the complex backend functionalities of Zuora.

Integration Architecture

  • Hybris being the front end application to users, the integration product takes the control from Hybris , processes the request and then fires the appropriate A P I Call to Zuora.
  • The response returned by Zuora is displayed on the UI of Hybris.
  • The data mapper module takes care of mapping the data objects between Hybris and Zuora.
  • Exception Handler module takes care of converting any exception thrown from Zuora into a meaningful Hybris error.

Solution for a Delayed Start Use Case

Delayed start use case that involves triggering charges at a later date (with date unknown) has been known to be a challenging use case with the Quoting Process in Zuora Quotes. Estuate has architected a solution that helps resolve this use case by passing the right parameters from the Customer's platform and making it easy for the Sales representatives to enter just the start date of the contract during the quoting process.

Sertifi - Ability to Accept E-Signature and Capture Payment Method

Estuate has partnered with Sertifi to configure to accept e-Signature and capture payment method on a quote through single step process; directly from end customer/subscriber by integrating it with Zuora for Salesforce/Z-Quotes package.

Sertifi managed package and plug-in for Zuora, offers the ability to configure customer specific site and to send email to the end customer contact with Zuora quote document and a payment tag where, the customer can review and sign it electronically. Credit Card or ACH based electronic payment method can be attached and sent over for order fulfillment. Emails between salesrep and end customer contact can be configured and are customizable according to the need of customer. This helps the sales team in sales cycle in automating formal customer acceptance/approval process to create subscriptions/orders in Zuora.

Cloning a Quote

This solution allows salesrep to clone an existing Zuora quote and create multiple quotes on a click of a button. This is very useful for a sales rep during the quote negotiation process. Functionality is available to clone all 3 types of Zuora quotes for new, amendment and renewal quotes. Once quote is created, Click on “Clone Quote” button on quote detail page to clone an existing quote

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A popup will appear, click on “clone” to create new cloned quote and it will redirect into new cloned quote page.

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Upon cloning new cloned quote will be created with quote name with prefix Clone From <Previous Quote>

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Stormpath integration

Stormpath is a SaaS application provides authentication service for application user account management. Their Identity API allows to deploy user authentication in web application. Estuate integrated Stormpath’s hosted login screens with Zuora customer’s self service portal for new user registration, authentication, password reset.

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Sending a Parent Account from Zuora to SF

Today if a parent child relationship has to be established between 2 accounts (Parent and Child) in SF and Zuora independently it's pretty simple; It's just a matter of mapping under the Account (in both systems individually)

However translating this to be a parent child association in Zuora is not something that is supported today in ZQuotes OOTB; Today if we have to establish a parent child relationship in Zuora, we might create the parent account in Zuora manually; This was being very cumbersome task for customers;

Our custom solution helps resolve this issue by allowing the salesrep to establish the parent account in Zuora on a click of a button at the SF Account Object; And, then the sales rep can simple make the selection of the parent account in ZQuotes page

Auto creation of renewal opportunity

This was a requirement that we seen is been asked by many customers; Upon setting ‘Closed Won’ stage on an oppurtunity, customers would like to have a renewal opportunity created automatically with dates that are out (1yr,2yr etc) based on the term lengths, plus would also include products that are purchased during the first term. Salesrep can then quickly review the Renewal opportunity and engage the customer in upgrading the plans upon renewal

Reseller Quoting

Estuate has built multiple custom web portals and Reseller driven portals to integrate web storefronts with Zuora billing on the backend. The Reseller driven portal, which allows resellers to bring in new customers and bill them via Zuora .Estuate’s deep understanding of Zuora billing engine and API’s were the key ingredients to the success of this project.

Apart from the Key features of this portal which include:-

  • Support for creating, updating or cancelling subscriptions
  • Deactivating a Zuora Billing Account via the portal
  • Make use of Invoice owner functionality of Zuora
  • Retrieving an existing  billing account information from Zuora
  • Associating Parent -Child relationships in Zuora
  • Sending email notifications to End users upon disabling a Reseller

Estuate have also come-up with a quoting process for Resellers that will allow Resellers to create Quotes and send it to the End Customer.

The New Features include allow Resellers

  • Create a Quote
  • Generate a PDF format of the Quote
  • Email the Quote pdf to the End Customer
  • Upon Customer’s Approval of the Quote Email a Payment Link to the customer
  • Submit the Customer Details to Zuora for Billing

These new features will allow Resellers give more flexibility similar to Salesforce Quoting process

Automation of Sending Z-Quotes from Salesforce to Zuora

We developed a plug-in around automating the initial customer sign-up process through quotes by integrating Z-Quotes with DocuSign, custom landing page to capture electronic payment method like credit card or ACH and then send this Z-Quote to Zuora to create subscription

This involves following steps

  1. Once salesrep creates a quote,, will sends it to end customer’s sold to contact via DocuSign for e-Signature
  2. Once end customer signs-off, company who is offering the product/service will get email to counter sign through DocuSign
  3. Once both parties sign-off, both contacts will get completed DocuSigned quote
  4. Once DocuSign is complete, system will automatically send payment method capture landing page link to end customer’s bill to contact where they can review quote summary, license agreement and add credit card or ACH based on the type of payment method agreed upon
  5. Once payment method is captured, system will send the quote automatically to Zuora for billing
  6. In each stage salesrep is emailed to notify the status of quote till it is sent to Zuora

This whole integration avoids manual process customer follows today to get sign-off, payment method and then follow-up to send quote to Zuora and will be done in timely fashion.

Customized notifications through Zuora call-outs

Estuate has built custom notifications module using PHP and Zuora callouts to include additional information where Zuora’s merge fields are not available or enhance the look and feel of the emails.

Some of the notifications leveraged are

  • New Subscription created - displaying subscription rate plan charges in a tabular format where as Zuora provides merge field to show the details as summary
  • Payment processed - shows the invoices summary on which this payment was applied to
  • Upcoming auto-renewal - to display the amount that will be charged to the default payment method for upcoming renewal period.

Flexera integration with Zuora

Flexera Software provides software licensing, compliance and installation solutions for application producers. Estuate integrated this cloud based application FNO/Flexnet with Zuora to create new organization, contact, end user, entitlement, activation key

Whenever new subscription is created or upgraded or downgraded or cancelled for software license purchase through self service portal, we configured Zuora callouts on specific events and developed callout receiver to perform respective operations in Flexnet using their web services calls as follows

  • New subscription created - to create new software entitlement
  • Update Product amendment - to update the quantity of licenses purchased
  • Remove Product amendment - to end date the activation key
  • Subscription Cancellation amendment - to end date the activation key
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