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Estuate’s Reforestation Drive: Making Earth Greener, One Sapling at a Time

At Estuate, we believe in taking concrete steps towards a more sustainable future. Our quarterly reforestation drive is a cornerstone
of this commitment.

What We Do

During each quarter, Estuate employees actively participate in our reforestation initiative by planting five saplings each in Bengaluru, India. This collective effort not only fosters greenery but also promotes cleaner air and a healthier environment for all.

Our Partnership

We are proud to collaborate with the ‘Reforest India’ NGO, leveraging their expertise and network to maximize the impact of our reforestation efforts. Together, we strive to make a meaningful difference in combating deforestation and promoting biodiversity.

Why It Matters

Environmental conservation is not just a duty; it’s a responsibility we owe to future generations. By actively participating in our reforestation drive, Estuate demonstrates its unwavering commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainable practices.

About Estuate

Estuate is an ISO-certified, global Product Engineering and IT Enterprise Services company headquartered in Milpitas, California, and with offices in Canada, India, and the UK. The company specializes in leading-edge technology solutions such as Product Engineering Services, Data & Analytics, Subscription Billing, Revenue Management & Governance, and Risk & Compliance. It has proven expertise across Healthcare, Hitech, Retail, Finance, Software, and Insurance domains.

About ‘Reforest India’ NGO

‘Reforest India’ is a trusted non-profit organization dedicated to reforestation and environmental conservation efforts across India. Their tireless work aligns perfectly with our vision for a greener planet.