Data and Analytics

Protect sensitive business data, implement corporate data retention strategies while ensuring that you can meet audit, reporting and compliance requirements, and draw actionable insights with comprehensive, scalable big data infrastructure.


Subscription Billing and
Revenue Management

Accelerate time-to-market for recurring revenue to usage-based services, support the full customer lifecycle to drive revenue, control costs, improve efficiencies, and drive better business outcomes through data-driven decision-making.


Governance, Risk and
Compliance (GRC)

Adapt rapidly to changes in the economy, technology, and regulations to reinforce your organization with governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) and ensure regulatory compliance with a 360° view of all risk management processes.


Product Engineering Services

Whether you need to a partner to complement your product development team by building product extensions, templates and accelerators, or handle maintenance and support, or build custom applications that can drive better business outcomes, you can count on Estuate.


On Demand Webinar

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how IBM Optim Test Data Management Solution for Custom and Packaged Applications helps secure your test environments, improve quality, accelerate release cycles and lower costs.

Managing Data Growth Effectively

Exponential data growth is one of the biggest challenges for enterprises globally, as it increases the operating costs, slows down applications and makes routine maintenance extremely hard. The solution to this challenge is to deploy a robust data archiving strategy built on IBM Optim.

Minimize Financial Risks with MetricStream GRC

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) brings together the management of overall governing strategies, risk mitigation, and compliance processes. The GRC program should be based on people, resources, processes, and technology required in the organization.

Cost-effective Solutions to
Software Companies And Large IT Organizations

Estuate is a global information technology (IT) Services Company
founded on the simple premise that our clients value a partner that is both technically
proficient and highly responsive to their needs.

Customer Success Stories

Estuate has helped world's leading companies solve their business challenges. Learn about best practices, innovative techniques, exceptional ROI and significant successes customers have achieved using Estuate's solutions.

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Sunnyvale - June 21, 2016 - Estuate, a leading global Product Engineering & IT services provider, announced today that it has appointed Krishna Guda (GK) as Chief Strategy Officer. In this new role, GK will spearhead the development of new service models and drive the expansion of Estuate into new verticals around the world. Estuate presently serves clients across six continents with offices in five countries. READ MORE

Top 10 Tips to Transform Your Business with IBM Analytics

In today’s world, transformation isn't just an option, it's your only choice. Together IBM and its network of over 150, 000 business partners will continue to transform to outpace the competition and lead the race to solve client needs in a new economy built on insights, fuelled by data and analytics.

Data Security and Privacy - Protecting your sensitive data

In the wake of recent high-profile and reputation-draining data security breaches, organizations today are working harder than ever and taking a proactive approach to prevent and prepare for inevitable data breach incidents. The good news is that taking measured actions can help mitigate risks.