Manufacturing industry (General /Industrial) is among the most competitive in the world and is mainly driven by demand for customized products, services and standardization and country specific regulatory restrictions. The high cost of procurement from multiple channels /vendors and rapidly changing technology are forcing manufacturers in this sector to adopt best practices along with other measures to continuously improve the quality of products and services.

Estuate offers complete services on functional and technical consultation, localize products, engineering via Configure Price Quote (CPQ), supply chain reengineering and Order fulfillment that includes customer delivery and help clients realize greater value with engagements with best practices and a proven delivery model.

We commercialize new products and support enterprise collaboration with our expertise in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Application lifecycle management (ALM) and manufacturing automation with reduction in product cost. Expertise in emerging technology forces like cloud computing, mobility and digital marketing.

Estuate addresses practical complexities involved in expanding networks or adding new subsidiaries with solutions for global collaboration, business intelligence, analytics and supply chain visibility. Our offerings not only increase the value delivered through sourcing and driving down cost.

Reducing costs and improving productivity are always a key challenge to the industry. Modernization of legacy systems, reducing time to market through the use of Rapid deployment Solutions (RDS), Saas based services, agile practices and automation in engagements are also key opportunities.

We use cross-platform compatibility and collaboration to reach out to a wider client base and connect better with customers. The Internet of Things (IoT) and mobility, when used correctly, it can have a major impact on industrial manufacturing. It can help make the best use of the production line with the application of predictive maintenance and analytics. A significant improvement in the Quality of Service (QoS) due to the predictive analysis and analytics, as well as a lower TCO and maintenance cost.


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We offer services in supplier network enablement, integrations, Load full vendor master file and segments, monitor supplier progress throughout the process, customize content to supplier enablement welcome email or alert notifications, and know when a supplier is ready to transact. During this process we capture supplier questions systematically, prepare status reports on supplier enablement for clients.

Our Manufacturing verticals covers Automotive, Industrial manufacturing, Process manufacturing, Chemical Mfg, Consulting services, Logistics solutions- inbound, outbound, Automotive solutions- car solutions, apps, Vendor mgmt, Vendor managed Inventory, Warehouse/Inventory mgmt., Service/Warranty mgmt., Freight mgmt., Delivery mgmt., Data virtualization for Retail and Mfg.

Manufacturing has evolved significantly in past decades with level of increase in consumer spending. There is still much opportunity in supply chain optimization through shared data between partners and investment in technology and operations. Role of services is the future of profitable revenue growth for leading manufacturers. The retail sector is shifting towards the power of mobile and digital evolution of customer facing.

We help you enhance process efficiencies, improve working capital and bring in cost optimization. It helps you connect supply chains to factory processes, reduce product development cycle times and improve product differentiation.

Companies need a faster access to data, more agility to change and far more cost-effective than traditional replication-based integration. So whether it is operational streamlining and service optimization, warranty and product failure analytics driven by telematics data in manufacturing, or supporting the double-digit increase in use of Big Data analytics for customer acquisition, pricing optimization and market intelligence in retail.

  1. Servitization: By using telematics Big Data from its customer’s equipment, and combining it with other customer, product, warranty & service data and analytics they deliver optimal recommendations for services to customers and dealers that increase significant profit realization from services while the product margins continue to erode.

  2. Product Catalog: Manufacturers who have grown through M&A have to make acquisitions accretive within months. On the one hand this requires realizing cost efficiencies and on the other to be able to cross-sell customers through enlarged dealer networks and product catalogs. While consolidation of separate PLM, ERP and CRM systems may take months or years, data virtualization has been used to create unified product catalogs, pricing and discount tables, and accelerate the rationalization of information delivery to dealer networks for maximized revenue. The virtual catalog is then used as an abstraction layer between existing sources and cross-platform sales systems and dealer portals. CPQ (Configure Price Quote) is a best example to use for catalog, pricing books, itemized discounts, models, versions, rules etc.

  3. Virtual Inventory Management: Understock and overstock are perfect examples of planning issues considered as lost revenue and excess cost respectively. To optimize the movement of the right goods at the right times and support them with the right promotions yields the elusive profitability in retail. Data virtualization helps in create virtual inventory views across procurement, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, distribution and systems to provide a real-time accurate projection of where there is inventory of each product to allow merchandisers and store managers to make order and stocking decisions dynamically.

  4. Big Data Analytics: Despite having the right goods ready to sell, companies must promote them appropriately, which requires deep customer understanding and the agility to act on it. Data virtualization helps drive the data towards big data analytics and takes actionable insights back to points of engagement indicating customer preferences, market trends & events and competitive pricing. This is used for various predictive analytics on what products will sell where and to whom and at what price point or discount level. Data virtualization also enables these complex analytics to be disseminated as data services that can be consumed by web, mobile and partner subsystems one go.

  5. Quality Control & Warranty Analytics: Multinational Companies has global presence but can maintain quality and warranty standards regardless of which plant makes the products. The data from testing is aggregated in near-real time and combined using data virtualization to feed the statistical analytics for both production and quality control and to grade and categorize for warranty. This common data layer is also used for all types of Quality control reporting across the organization.

  6. Data Virtualization & Manufacturing Benefits: Master agreement partnership with leading data warehouse and big data analytics vendors that support integration with leading ERP, Supply Chain, PLM and Retail systems and industry data models, Value Added services, Adaptive Supply chain, dynamic, 3D printers on Mfg, IoT (Internet of Things), Vertical integrated mfg. Manufacturing processes can be broken into two groups: lean manufacturing and batch system manufacturing.
    1. Lean Manufacturing –
        1. Lean manufacturing methods evolved to show profitability faster, with less inventory, and with less manufacturing goods inline and makes sure an uninterrupted flow. The objective is to produce goods on realistic customer orders and reduce investment in inventory. Some manufacturers consider a restocking fee as much as 20% of the original selling price from customer for cancelling the orders that are in production line.
        2. Plan for manufacturing production surrounded by inventory and production equipment around the work area to minimize material flow. This reduces the transportation lanes, materials movement expenses, inventory, and cumulative lead times. Purchasing materials for manufacturing by eliminating inventorying for future manufacturing, is titled Just-In-Time (JIT) for manufacturing. The principal of JIT is a subset and further refinement of Lean Manufacturing.
    2. Batch Process Manufacturing –
        1. Batch process manufacturing is older concept with goals based more on minimizing labor in the manufacturing process rather optimization of inventory, goods in process, and physical plant layouts. There may be more manufacturing goods in process resulting in more inventory and investment to produce a product. The impact of reduction in manufacturing times can be tremendous. In a global market, optimizing labor resources is the key to profitable production.

Our Manufacturing offerings include the below:

  • Suppliers management
  • Vendor management
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Quotation management
  • Order Fulfillment Support (OF)
  • Order to Cash Management (OTC)
  • Accounts Payable(AP) /Receivables (AR)
  • Warehouse Management (WM)
  • Warranty Claims Management
  • Returns and Exchanges
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • GRC (Governance-Risk-Compliance) services
  • Software Solutions & Consulting services

The Estuate Advantage

With Estuate's manufacturing solutions, you get:

  • Extreme service: We have a track record of 100% project success brought about by a relentless focus on delivering value to our customers and our willingness to go above and beyond to meet your needs. 
  • Business Simplification: Our landscape rationalization strategies and bundled services optimize the operational costs of our customers and simplify their business processes. We collaborate with you to deliver innovative solutions that exceed your expectations.
  • Guaranteed delivery: We enable collaboration, reusability and tools to drive quality, certainty and agility in our  deliveries leading to higher customer satisfaction and higher margins.
  • Rapid time-to-value: Our proprietary accelerators, frameworks, and platform solutions enable our clients to execute faster and realize business value from their initiatives.
  • One-stop-shop: Our broad services span custom product development to technology implementation, testing to support and maintenance. You need something? Chances are we have already done it.

Our Satisfied Clients

        In our line of business, it is extremely critical that we stay on top of changing tax rules and ensure compliance at all times. But we had to do be smart about it and leverage automated data flows between the JD Edwards ERP and the Avalara tax engine. Estuate’s team of expert consultants were extremely professional and knowledgeable and delivered a connector that automated the most tedious and error-prone task of creating schedules, returns, and reports. We can now focus on our business instead of worrying about our tax transactions.

Michael Sullivan,
LSB Industries.