Application Maintenance and Support

Application Maintenance – Periodic software updates and troubleshooting

Application performance monitoring and optimization

Minor application customizations, configurations and enhancements

IT Infrastructure and Network Operational Support

Systems management (Physical, Virtual, Operating Systems)

Data and storage management (Databases and Data storages)

Networking and communication platforms

Endpoint security management

Ensure availability, reliability and maintainability of all the IT systems

Managed Helpdesk

Consolidate, manage and maintain your helpdesk (First point of contact for your customers and employees)
(i) Level 1 and Level 2 – Application support
(ii) IT and HR service management support

Guaranteed service levels

Periodic KPI driven metrics, performance review and course corrections

Achieve customer delight and gain competitive advantage

Quality Assurance and Testing

Identification of your testing demands

Choice of QA/Test Automation Solution

Automation Implementation

Analysis and Reporting

Training and Support

Benefits Realized

More time availability for IT Staff for innovation
Greater Scalability – On demand resource scaling to keep up the load
Passing on the compliance and audit responsibility to MSP vendor
Predictable monthly operational costs
Improve customer satisfaction
Maintenance, security, and regular service reports

Success Stories

Leading Technology and Consulting Company

Estuate streamlined and optimized support process for ILM product lines of a global consulting and technology pioneer.

Industry Leader in Security Solutions

Industry leader in security products enriches its customer support and success operations with Estuate managed services.

World Leader in Golf Accessories and Apparel

Leading golf company partners with Estuate to drive down IT operations costs and enhances user experience with technology support.

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