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Giving Back to the Community: Estuate’s Support for Educational Institutions

Estuate supports local schools in Bangalore, India, by supporting desks, seats, tables, water purifiers, projectors, and more. Our dedication to the community drives ongoing efforts to improve the learning environment and foster academic growth for students.

Estuate and Sewa International: Empowering Women, Creating Change

Estuate supports Sewa International’s initiative, aiding women affected by India’s second COVID-19 wave. Empowering 2,000 beneficiaries through training, counseling, and job placements. Demonstrating commitment to fostering positive change and empowerment.

Estuate’s Reforestation Drive to Make Earth a Greener Place

Estuate’s quarterly reforestation drive promotes life and sustainability. Each employee plants five saplings in Bengaluru, India, fostering greenery and cleaner air. Collaborating with ‘Reforest India’ NGO, this initiative showcases Estuate’s commitment to quarterly CSR and creating a greener Earth.

Estuate Extends Helping Hand to Fight COVID-19 in India with Sewa International

Estuate supports Sewa International’s ‘Help India Defeat COVID-19’ campaign, donating lifesaving equipment like oxygen concentrators, ventilators, medicines, and supplies. Committed to curbing the viral contagion, it’s part of
Estuate’s ongoing dedication.

Estuate partners with Sewa International to fight against COVID

Estuate and Sewa International join forces in COVID-19 response. Donated 1600+ N95 masks to Bay Area healthcare workers and first responders. Estuarians and their families actively support Sewa International’s efforts.

Estuate joins Rise Against Hunger to eliminate world hunger

We’re committed to helping eradicate world hunger, food insecurity, and malnutrition problems and have joined Rise Against Hunger in their meal packaging campaigns. In the past 5 years, employees at Estuate have helped pack over 50,000 meal boxes to be distributed among hungry families.