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Transform your business
with breakthrough AI solutions

The future of digital enterprises lies in AI. Get closer to a digital transformation by integrating your human resources with Artificial Intelligence.

Revolutionary AI solutions for smart enterprises

Now improve user engagement and scale up business operations with a digital workforce. Estuate brings cutting-edge AI solutions to build high-performing chat and voice bots.

Business Assessment

A thorough study of your business operations and day-to-day activities

Defining the scope of AI

Identification of areas where
Artificial Intelligence can amplify
your operations

AI Implementation

Designing and launching customized AI-enabled chat/voice bots and other virtual assistants

Enhancing Features

Introducing advanced Machine Learning and NLU features for seamless customer engagement


Full maintenance and post implementation support services to ensure maximum efficiency


5 reasons why your business
needs an AI chatbot

Artificial Intelligence and chatbots are not a recent invention. They date way back to the 1960s when the world’s first virtual assistant, ELIZA was created to enable man-to-machine conversations. So why all the hype now? Why is there a new-found love for intelligent chatbots in the current digital territory?

A small move can make a difference

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