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Enterprise-wide Big Data and
Business Intelligence Solutions

Estuate’s big data and business intelligence solutions are tailor-made to perfectly match your business needs and help you fight the data deluge effectively.

“Estuate’s data growth solution has provided us with the capability of using tiered storage to optimize our transactional speed and reduce our overall storage cost”

 – Mr. Arun Tiwary,

Make a big impact with big data and business intelligence solutions

Estuate helps data-driven organizations leverage big data to gain that competitive advantage. Big data storage, maintenance, advanced analytics, intelligent solutions and more.

Big Data Warehousing and Maintenance

Store, maintain and archive massive sets of data effectively with comprehensive big data solutions

Enterprise-wide Master Data Management

Get a unified view of your structured and unstructured data with a robust MDM framework

Real-time Dashboards

Monitor performance real-time with smart, self-service dashboards and interactive web portals

Intelligent Analytics and Reporting

Derive meaningful insights from
your data with intelligent analytics

Mobile Based BI Solutions

Explore the multiple benefits of
mobile technology with customized
BI tools

Case Studies

CenterPoint Energy

Center Point Energy harnesses massive data growth with Estuate’s big data solutions

Emirates Flight Catering

Estuate caters to the data explosion challenges at Emirates Flight Catering


Estuate builds an end-to-end data privacy solution for Scottrade

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