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A Closer Look at World Cybersecurity Challenges and Opportunities

July 27 2018

Bangalore, IN - July 27, 2018 - In a data-driven business landscape, ensuring privacy is no more a good business practice, it’s an absolute prerequisite. The complexity of big data and the rising number of cybercrimes is a matter of universal concern.

Meet the Estuate team at Zuora Subscribed 2018 in San Francisco

June 1 2018

San Francisco, CA - June 1, 2018 - As a strategic move towards growing in the world of subscriptions, Estuate, a global IT services company is all set to participate in Zuora® Subscribed 2018 held in San Francisco, June 5-6. Subscribed is a series of events around the world organized by Zuora to help subscription businesses grow in the market

Amplify your information governance with a robust data lineage

May 23 2018

Data is undeniably the most critical business asset for all businesses today. As organizations realize the importance of nurturing business information, the demand for efficient data governance increases too. Data Lineage gives you a clear picture of your data and enhances your data governance capabilities.