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Smart automation for enhanced efficiencies

Automate your recurring business processes and improve organizational productivity phenomenally.

Expert Business Automation Services from Estuate

Estuate helps you automate business processes across all your key departments to help you gain operational efficiencies and reduce business costs. Estuate’s Business Process Automation offerings:

ERP Automation

A range of Enterprise Resource Planning tools that automate monotonous manual tasks and help you allocate human resources effectively

ETL Solutions

Automated Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tools to bring in speed and flexibility in big data management

Testing Automation

Faster and more accurate testing performance with Estuate’s Test Automation solutions

Automated Risk Management

An automated risk management system that helps you identify risks, maintain enterprise data privacy and meet compliance needs

Subscription Automation

A fully automated subscription management and recurring billing platform to ease your operations and scale up revenues

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