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AI and Automation Excellence: Transforming Ideas into Future-Ready Solutions with Estuate

Empower your journey with Estuate’s AI and automation services, guiding companies through the creation of AI and ML solutions from pilot to production. We strategize, consult, and engineer, enabling you to propel your ideas into the future with cutting-edge AI technologies. Stay ahead in business competition by harnessing accelerated, AI-powered digital transformation.

AI and automation consulting

Estuate’s AI and automation consulting encompass the evaluation of AI maturity, CoE setup, use case discovery, business case creation, and change management facilitation.

Generative AI Services

Empower your business with Estuate’s secure data services and enterprise-grade AI. Navigate the complexities of generative AI to drive efficiencies and reinvent your business.

Enterprise AI Services

Unlock accelerated business outcomes by embedding AI components and insights into your decisions and processes, whether personalizing customer experiences or enhancing IT processes for speed and efficiency.

Business Process Automation

Business process automation at Estuate involves developing robust applications capable of autonomously executing repetitive tasks, guided by machine learning or user-defined instructions, eliminating the need for human intervention.

Technology Specializations

IBM Watsonx

Estuate’s Watsonx services, reshaping businesses with AI for digital transformation.

Google AI

Leverage Estuate’s Google AI solutions to drive innovation and insights.


Optimize cloud capabilities with Estuate’s tailored AWS AI automation services.


Transform business processes with Estuate’s Microsoft AI and Azure proficiency.

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