Governance, Risk and
Compliance with MetricStream

Estuate offers proven GRC solutions by MetricStream and
combines digital technology and domain expertise to
strengthen your enterprise GRC.

Streamline your business with Estuate’s end-to-end MetricStream offerings

Estuate offers comprehensive solutions in GRC powered by MetricStream, the market leader in enterprise GRC applications. We provide Full-stack Engineering solution and implement sustainable GRC practices by designing and integrating with client requirements.

End-to-end GRC Consulting 

  • Business evaluation
  • Tailored GRC consulting
  • Standard GRC framework

MetricStream Implementation

  • GRC Cloud and on premise implementation
  • Data management and seamless integration
  • GRC platform and version upgrade

Enterprise Risk Management

  • Enterprise risk assessment
  • 24×7 monitoring and reporting
  • Automated risk management

Regulatory Compliance

  • Standard compliance program
  • Periodic audits and surveys
  • Reporting, metrics and business insights

Why Estuate?

With our digital transformation approach and deep-rooted industry and GRC expertise, we are the right-fit partner for a strategic GRC implementation.

MetricStream’s leading global partner

Tailored solutions to meet all industry and business needs

End-to-end GRC approach – Addressing technology change

A blend of business domain and technology expertise

Rapid deployment approach

Faster time-to-value

Flexible engagement model

50+ highly skilled and trained global employees

Customer first approach of extreme service

Successful track record of delivering 100% success on all GRC initiatives

A small move can make a difference

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