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Unlocking the full potential of GRC solutions is a challenge for businesses. Estuate specializes in overcoming these hurdles and delivering tangible value within your budget. Our expertise has helped over 50 companies achieve ROI in their GRC investments.

With a team of 70+ world-class GRC specialists, we address key challenges including siloed teams, integration gaps, compliance disconnect, manual processes, and cultural barriers. Let us help you optimize your GRC strategy.

Estuate offers a NO RISK, $0 cost, two-week consulting assessment to help you decide on your next steps toward improved ROI on your GRC journey.

These assessments can include:

  • Level of effort difficulty in upgrading MetricStream versions
  • New MetricStream application business value assessment
  • Readiness for and ability to adopt “Automation” in GRC the framework
  • Custom business need request

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We look forward to discussing how we can assist your project needs and integrate data governance projects with GRC initiatives to manage risk, save costs, and improve operational efficiencies.

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