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Elevate your subscription business with EZ$tream

A recurring revenue app for Zendesk Sell – Now calculate subscription metrics and revenue forecasts automatically with Estuate.

Integrate EZ$tream with Zendesk Sell for seamless Subscription Management

Estuate’s EZ$tream equips businesses with predictive data improving their ability to make strategic business decisions.

Zendesk Sell Integration

Connect, visualize, and get insights from Zendesk Sell instantly

Predictable Revenue

Calculate predictable revenue precisely for a given financial year

Flexible Payments

Shift from a single deal to a more flexible payment schedule methods

Synchronized Data

Configure custom fields & get synchronized data to trigger workflows

Easy Reports

Generate subscription reports quickly based on periodic recurring forecasts

Customer Retention

Manage ongoing customer relationships with better customer management

Get started with EZ$tream and take your subscription business to the next level