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Optimize your gift management system with Estuate

GiftLenz РA smart software designed by Estuate to help businesses simplify and organize their gift management system.

Gift voucher management just got easier

Gift vouchers are a lucrative way to attract customers and pump up sales. Estuate makes gift management easier and faster for you with GiftLenz – a complete gift management solution.


Tailor-made online portal built on to match your brand elements and meet specific business demands


Customer and admin dashboards to help create, edit and manage gift vouchers easily

Fast and Accurate

Automated workflows enabling faster, more accurate and timely redemption of vouchers

Easy Reporting

A reliable system that allows to
track and report usage of gift
vouchers in real-time

Customer Support

Gift voucher support
documentations and effective
customer via phone and chat

A small move can make a difference

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