IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Growth Solution for Oracle e-Business Suite

IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Growth Solution for Oracle E-Business Suite provides archive and purge capabilities for Oracle E-Business applications, and the ability to access and view that archived data from within the application or independent of the application using third-party reporting tools.

Here are a number of advantages to having a strategy for archiving your data.

  •  You can improve the performance of your enterprise applications; reduce infrastructure, maintenance, and operating costs
  •  Segregate inactive application data from current activity, and safely move it to a secure archive based on application-specific business rules
  •  Comply with corporate data retention policies.

IBM Optim manages data at the business object level, applying functional policies to segregate inactive application data from current activity and then safely move that data to a secure archive.

Download the demo to understand

  •  The use of IBM InfoSphere Optim EBS Data Growth Solution
  •  Archiving data from the Accounts Receivable (AR) module
  •  And restoring the data into an already-configured archive database.

IBM Optim Data Growth Solution for Oracle E-Business Suite provides an out-of-the-box option to natively store and access your archived historical data from Oracle forms and reports by restoring it into an archive database. You can view the archived data in Oracle E-Business Suite forms and reports through a custom data group pointing to the archive database. The solution also provides a combined view of the data from both production and the archive database by UNION views. A custom profile option created and set at the Oracle E-Business Suite responsibility level enables the user to toggle the data view based on its source, either from archive only or combined (both production and archive).

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