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IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Growth Solution for PeopleSoft

IBM Optim Solution for Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise delivers measurable benefits, enabling sites to improve performance, control infrastructure costs, and streamline application upgrades by archiving historical PeopleSoft financials and supply chain management transactions. Using PeopleSoft pages, sites specify archive criteria such as accounting period, business unit, and fiscal year. Optim applies PeopleSoft application–specific functional condition checks, ensuring that each archived transaction record represents a historical reference snapshot of business activity. Sites can easily access, query, and report on archived records via the familiar PeopleSoft interface.

This Demo Includes:

  • Archive and purge the PeopleSoft Sales Order Module using PeopleSoft pages
  • How Optim is used to easily manage the data growth for PeopleSoft data
  • How Native Application Access feature can be used to access the archived data

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