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IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Growth Solution for Siebel

IBM Optim Data Growth Solution for Oracle’s Siebel is a fully integrated database archiving solution that can handle the complex database schemas and unique data relationships of Oracle’s Siebel. Because Siebel applications can accumulate large amounts of transactional data over time, operational expenses increase with the size of the database. Using the Optim solution, companies can remove precise sets of rarely accessed data from a Siebel production database and save it to a more cost-effective storage medium for easy access on demand. The smaller database is more cost-effective and efficient to manage, backup, and upgrade. With the Optim solution, sites initiate archive requests by specifying data selection criteria such as transaction date, type, or status. The solution applies functional condition checks while maintaining referential integrity in the database and ensures that each archived transaction record represents a complete historical reference snapshot of the business activity.

This Demo Includes: 

  • Archive and purge the Siebel Service Request Module using classic Optim Interface
  • How Optim is used to easily manage the data growth for PeopleSoft data
  •  How Native Application Access feature can be used to access the archived data

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